Soggy Cagney

Because of Atilla’s & the Toyboys’ recent moult, I made sure I gave them mistings & this was usually with dill or celery leaves.  Atilla was worst hit by the moult & only refused a misting once & that was without even testing the water temperature (she would normally refuse if the water was a degree or two too cold).

The toyboys have been enjoying the mistings recently, especially Cagney.  He rubs his belly along the leaves & spreads his wings out & makes sure he gets thoroughly wet.  Bezukhov likes to dance in the wet leaves but then he has always liked the feel of food under his feet.

Tough moult for Atilla

Somehow, Atilla has always managed to look well groomed at moulting time.  However, the last moult was particularly tough for Atilla, as can be witnessed from these photos of her poor pinny head…..

(Click on photos to enlarge)

She looked very uncomfortable during the moult & it did not help that she was still getting over her earlier infection, but she came through it & now looks as beautiful as ever!

A shimmy, a shake & shiny paper

In the lead up to Christmas, a parcel arrived addressed to Bezukhov, Cagney & Atilla.  Inside was a present, wrapped up in lovely shiny paper!  It was such a surprise.  Their fans, Ian & Marshall were so kind to send them a gift to cheer them up after the horrible times they have had.  The mission was definitely accomplished & that was even without opening the present!

Come Christmas day though & the shiny wrapping paper was torn off, to reveal a lovely big bag of dried grasses!!!  Ho ho ho!!  Thank you Ian & Marshall. 🙂

As it has been some time since they have had wild grass, I thought I would break them into it gently.  Being as Atilla is the leader & likes to give her approval (or disapproval) first, I offered her a small piece first.  The video below shows her trying it & we have the contrast between her wanting to eat the seeds yet having difficulty overcoming the “texture” & having to shimmy & shake during the approval process.

I think we can say the grass passed the test. 🙂

Remembering Raspy: Loo Rolls

From very early on, Raspy was a fan of the cardboard inserts of loo rolls.  She would spend ages throwing them about.  The first time I saw her running along the back of the chair, waving the loo roll around, I thought she had got her beak stuck on it.  Then I realised this was a game.

In this video you can see that Atilla is a bit confused over Raspy’s enthusiasm for the loo roll: 

By this time, Atilla was sat on my shoulder, well out of the way of Raspy & the loo roll: 

As Raspy grew up, she never quite lost her fascination for a loo roll.  She was perhaps not as energetic, but still felt compelled to throw it about:

Note: Beware of any glue on cardboard loo roll inserts as this could be dangerous if ingested by your bird.

Under the folding cage

A few weeks ago, I thought it was time to introduce the Puddings & Toyboys to the new folding cage.  I set it up & moved it to the middle of the room.  The toyboys whizzed around the room, avoiding the new cage.  So, who was the first to investigate?  Yes, a pudding…. it was Raspy.  Though to be accurate, she was not that interested in the cage itself, but more what was on the shelf underneath…..

Here she is beside the new cage but clearly wanting to go back to the shelf underneath to carry on chewing the bedtime cover….

She spent ages that day running around that shelf…. 

My Chu Chu Bella

Cage portfolio

Here is an update on the current Cage Portfolio:

  • Travel Cage – Tiny enclosure for transportation with no room to swing a cat.  Only used twice.
  • Hospital Cage – Cozy dwelling, purpose built for hospitalisation.  Can be converted into a mobile home.
  • The Ferplast – Modern style home.  Horizontal bar styling.  Light & airy with flat top ideal for roof play area.  In need of refurbishment.
  • The Manor – Non-mini Manor, reminiscent of San Remo architecture. Large reception area that houses food and water.  Basement ideal for eating poop. Trendy loft area converted into large open plan roosting area.
  • The Folding Cage – New build.  Dark decor.  Modern & portable design.  Stylish doors that slide upwards.

The Folding cage is the latest acquisition.  It is to replace the Ferplast that is showing signs of wear & tear, particularly on the bars.  The Ferplast was the Puddings’ first home.  They then upgraded to the Manor.  The Toyboys spent their quarantine days in the Ferplast.  Once both puddings & toyboys were settled into the Manor, I planned to dismantle the Ferplast but keep it as a spare.  The reality is that it has been in constant use as a play area, chill out area, temporary naughty-step prison, separation/cool down space.


The good news is that Atilla’s infection has cleared.  Her poop is looking normal again (well, Atilla’s kind of normal).  She has been far more alert, chirping & has even tentatively chewed my sleeve for a few seconds.

The not-so-good news is that they are now moulting.  Atilla, Cagney & Bezukhov have been dropping feathers & fluff, left, right & centre.  Atilla has lost both her tail feathers & is now being called No-Tail ‘Tilla.  Cagney & Bezukhov have also lost a tail feather each but do have the remaining tail feather & are just about keeping up appearances.

All three have been very quiet & sleeping more than usual.