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The Budgets

This post is a little tribute to my father who passed away recently.

Cagney and Atilla

Raspy and Bezukhov

My father was one of the few people who would ask me how the Puddings & Toyboys were.  He was Italian & had been in the UK for over 50 years but had never really mastered the English language.  His way of saying “budgies” was “budgets”, so he would ask “How are the budgets?

Towards the end, even when ill, he would still ask about them.  When Raspy passed away, he wanted to know where her resting place would be & said that if I wanted, she could be buried in their garden. 

I should perhaps add that his father loved birds & had an aviary in the garden with budgies & canaries.  I never met my grandfather as he died when my father was only 14 years old.  Apparently, my grandfather held a little funeral for each bird that died.  I imagine this early experience goes some way to explaining why my father understood & respected my fascination & love for my birds.

RIP my wonderful Papa.

Give my beautiful Raspy-Bella a loving kiss from me.

10 responses to “The Budgets

  1. Fluffy Tufts 4 January 2012 at 11:01

    I’m sorry for your loss.


  2. Ian Budgerigar 4 January 2012 at 11:09

    I am going to start calling the sausages ‘budgets’ (whether they like it or not). Thinking of you today … X


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