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Daily Archives: 13 February 2012

Mysterious black blob

For the last few weeks, Bezukhov has been sporting a mysterious black blob on his head.  It has not shifted, even through vigorous head rubs on perches & cage bars.  He will not let me touch his head so I do not know what it feels like.

However, the other day, after it got wet after a romp in some celery leaves, the colour seemed to bleed…. it looked like blood!  Dried blood!

The mystery deepens.

Then it looked like he had a chunk of feathers missing from above his cere & I wondered if this was the result of a fight, but now I conclude he is moulting & is suffering from “moulty face”.

The mysterious black blob still remains.  It even sticks out now.  Whatever it is, it is not budging!

I have tried to take photos of it but they are a bit blurry…

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