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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Chomping on a cucumber

The toyboys are still fans of cucumber & like to nibble the middle part.  Here are some photos of a recent nibbling session:

(Click on photos to enlarge)

In the second photo, it is also possible to see Bezukhov’s mysterious black blob.  Yes, it lingers still…

Still magnificent

It is a year on from Atilla’s last photo shoot and she clearly felt another session with the camera was due.

To me, she is as beautiful & as magnificent as ever, despite her health problems.

As you can see from the last photo, Atilla can still balance on one foot whilst preening, even though her lump is large. You can also see from the second photo that Cagney is always on the alert & watching her back. 🙂

A Stripe and the Hump

The other day I noticed that Cagney has a yellow “go-faster” stripe on the right side of his bottom:

Go-faster stripe on right side

Bezukhov appeared to have the ‘ump over Cagney’s latest fashion statement:

Humpty back

The Telegraph Returns

Yes, all is back to normal at the Manor now The Telegraph has returned as their preferred choice of bottom paper.  I must say it is a great relief as the pages of The Mail were surprisingly messy & disorganised to look at & I imagine to poop on too.  Long live The Telegraph!

Tea Towel Tunnel

Atilla’s outside-Manor time is exclusively spent at the Poang Chairground Resort.  Although she is very busy, I felt it was time to introduce another Chair Challenge to keep her mentally as well as physically active.  This new “ride” has taken the shape of The Tea Towel Tunnel.

Basically, I pegged (another) tea towel up in loops at the back of the chair so she could enter it from the ladder & exit at various points either upwards to the top of the chair or to the far end, the side of the chair.

It did not take her long to investigate, in fact it was a matter of minutes!  Since then, it has been a firm favourite as you can see by these videos:

Once she emerges, she usually immediately returns to the ladder to go through the tunnel again, however in this video you will see that she decides to go back in the way she came out…. she has such a creative mind!

DIY nesting material

Atilla continues to be very busy behind the chair.

She is being very industrious & is now manufacturing her own nesting material:

First shipment of nesting material

I kept finding bits of fluff scattered around & when I investigated further, found it had come from the (rapidly thinning) tea-towels she is continuously chewing. 

Tea towel No.1

Tea towel No.2 and chair cover

Flustered over fluff

Moustache fluff, BEGONE!!

Cagney is such a strong, capable, confident toyboy….. isn’t he?

Well he IS….. unless he comes across a stubborn bit of fluff that will not leave his head, eye, cere or beak….  in which case he gets very flustered, flying all over the place, shaking his head & generally behaving like a girl.  (Not a pudding mind…. a girl – there is a big difference).

Eventually he manages to shake some sense into his head & gives it a good rub on a perch until the fluff moves to another equally irritating part of his head & he carries on rubbing until the offending fluff is finally flattened against the perch, never to darken a budgie head ever again.

Dodgy bell

When cleaning Atilla’s purple lantern mirror & bell the other day, I noticed the bell had some marks, possibly the beginnings of rust.  To be safe, I took the clapperless bell off & threw it away. 

The mirror looked a bit lost without anything dangling from it so I had to add something……. 

Enter, a munch ball!

Atilla & the toyboys did not seem to notice the shiny dangly thing was now brown & chewy.  Or rather, they did notice, but were not that concerned.  Either way, the new-style lantern mirror has been accepted by them & is now part of the Manor furniture.

Thanks go to the magnificent Mikko for raising awareness of the dangers of heavy metal poisoning in budgies: http://highfourbirdtraining.webs.com/losingyou.htm.

Slummin’ it

Confession time!  I forgot to buy the usual broadsheet for their bottom paper so Atilla, Cagney & Bezukhov have the indignity of the tabloids

Normally, I cut up The Telegraph, for the simple reason it is the newspaper that best fits the Manor floor.  However, they are currently having to survive with The Daily Mail.

To ease things for them (Atilla, in particular), I have promised I will not take photographs or video of the Manor floor until the more upmarket broadsheet has been reinstated….

Remembering Raspy: Up close

From early on, Raspy was fascinated with the shiny, silver camera.  This made it difficult taking photos or film as she was usually on top of it or had her face in the lens.  Atilla also loves the camera & it did cause the odd “disagreement” between the sisters as both seemed to think it was their own property.  It did not occur to either of them that it was Mama’s property!

Often, when at the point of pressing the shutter, thinking I would have a great shot of Atilla…. Raspy’s head would appear…. or her tail…. Here are a selection of typical Raspy photos:

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And here is a typical video, particularly the ending!