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To roll or not to roll

I blame myself….  It seemed a simple enough task to get extra body in my hair by putting in some blue velcro rollers…..  In fact all was going according to plan until I asked senior stylist Madam Atilla for her advice…..

She gave a little half-smile & then quickly got to work with her beak, half pulling out the rollers, pulling hairs in all different directions &, I have to say, expertly creating a trendy pulled-through-hedge-backwards hairstyle….

Yes, Atilla is still fascinated with my rollers. 🙂

7 responses to “To roll or not to roll

  1. featheredfiends 1 April 2012 at 10:18

    She wants her feathers curly too 🙂


  2. rosebudgie 1 April 2012 at 11:09

    Just what I was about to say!


  3. rosebudgie 2 April 2012 at 22:19

    I think you should train BBC to put them in for her.


  4. rosebudgie 5 April 2012 at 18:24

    All part of the fun of course!


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