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Daily Archives: 6 April 2012

Favourite swing reinstated

I have made some changes in the Manor.  I used to change the layout fairly often before, but now Atilla has her lump, I am more inclined to keep things mostly the same as she has tried & tested ways of getting about.

Having said that, I decided to return the ttmss swing.  This was originally taken out as I felt it was having a detrimental affect on the puddings’ feet so it was only available sometimes outside the Manor.  However, now it seems that feet are the least of Atilla’s problems so I have reinstated it, in place of the Alan swing.  It is now the preferred place to poop from.

Alongside that change, I also fitted a ladder up the back wall of the Manor as a way of introducing horizontal climbing bars where the vertical bars are. (You can see a bit of it to the right in the photo above).  The vertical bar sections are quite long & sometimes Atilla struggles to get up them & when she pauses for a moment, she slides down. I am pleased to say I have seen her use the ladder.

As an aside, Raspy’s swinging perch is still in the Manor.  I did take it out recently for about 5 minutes but felt drawn to put it back.  It is almost like a little shrine.  Apart from an initial three or four occasions when I saw Cagney go on it briefly, it has not been touched since her passing.