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Daily Archives: 8 April 2012

Remembering Raspy: Helping out

Whilst rearranging the furniture in the Manor the other day, I recalled how Raspy would always want to “help“.

She was fascinated with how perches were connected to the Manor bars & if I started to unscrew something she was there in seconds, either perched on my fingers doing the twirling or on the perch I was attempting to remove.

When I cleaned the Manor bars with a cloth, both Raspy & Atilla would be wanting to chew it as I moved it up & down, left & right.  Atilla still likes to do this.

When changing the Manor bottom papers, my head would be in their large front door, wiping around & cleaning.  Raspy was always first to position herself so she could pull at & chew my hair.  She would also climb onto my back as I was bent over.

It would take forever to clean or change anything!

The puddings have always taken personal interest in every change, however small, that I have made to their environment.  In contrast, I have noticed that the toyboys leave me to the cleaning & rearranging & do not interfere at all.  In fact, they will often go off & sit on the window perch & wait for the maid to finish.  If Atilla is not out busy chewing the chair, then she will stay put in the Manor to check progress & occasionally sit on the outside perch where she is able to reach across & pull my hair & then remind me of her ‘helpful’ little sister….