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Daily Archives: 24 April 2012

No more bedtime swings

Atilla in position first

Cagney’s leg & foot problems have not been getting any better.  He is still holding his bruised right leg up & still has the sore underneath his left foot.  As the rope perches seem softer & kinder to his feet it was decided to replace the 3 bedtime swings with one long, bendy, rope perch.

Atilla was not fazed by the new arrangement & that first night immediately claimed her spot on the rope perch, next to the manor bars.  The toyboys were a little put out that the swings were no longer there.  They faffed about for some time.  After trying out all possible positions they finally settled, Bezukhov on the rope perch & Cagney on the peg!  So much for a nice soft rope perch for his sore foot!

Confused boys

The peg was about the same height as the rope perch so I could not see any particular benefit to him choosing it.

The following night, after more faffing about from the boys, Bezukhov settled on the peg & Cagney on the rope perch (halleujah!)  He had shuffled up next to Atilla but she pecked him away as she does like her own space whilst sleeping.  They did have a quick snog before boundaries were established though.

The next night, Cagney chose the peg again.  To try & discourage this choice, I made a slight adjustment to the rope perch so bent it up closer to the Manor roof, thereby making it higher than the peg.  Since then, he has slept on the rope perch. 🙂

Shall we settle here?