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Sideways poop stalactite

Since Atilla’s dramatic “down” day on Easter Sunday, her poops have very gradually improved.  Though she herself has up & down days, I am pleased that her poop has returned to a more healthy colour, form & texture.  Every so often a poop gets caught on her lump & I try to remove it quickly before it becomes an unmanageable mountain.  However, she has had a poop-free lump for a few days now. 🙂

One morning she did have a rather interesting poop formation – a sort of sideways poop stalactite – that deserved a photo.  It was quite precarious & actually fell off by itself.

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One response to “Sideways poop stalactite

  1. rosebudgie 29 April 2012 at 11:48

    It’s so good to see the improvement – keep it up, Atilla!


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