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Daily Archives: 30 April 2012

Moulting & filming

To add to all of Atilla’s health troubles, she is now moulting.  She is shedding feathers left, right & centre.  She also has loads of pin feathers, particularly on her belly, above her legs & under her wings.  Her face also looks a little “ragged”.  She normally looks so well groomed, so I know she must be feeling bad.  In fact, the last few days she has moved away from her purple lantern mirror to sit on the (mirror-less) perch the other side of the Manor.  I wonder if that is because she does not want to catch sight of her reflection…


(Click on pictures to enlarge)

I took this video to show her chewing the toy but predictably she stopped chewing the toy, but did have a stretch, revealing all her pin feathers.  Then she made her way out to investigate the camera. 

Whilst investigating the camera, she managed to take this little film of Cagney….