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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Too hot to blog

Cagney says it is too hot to blog.

I am inclined to agree with him. 

He does not help matters though, & does still insist on some boogie-woogie-ing with Atilla.  This makes him extra hot. 

I have been spraying water on them to cool them down during this mini UK heatwave.

Normal service is resumed…

After about 6 weeks in the “wilderness”… ahem…. normal service has been resumed…..

Intentionally left blank

Although Cagney will still hold his bruised right leg up, it looks like it does not hurt as much as before…

Mirror under the Manor

Atilla can be an independent girl when she wants to be.  She likes to keep tabs on the mirror under the Manor & often requests the HNS to ferry her there & back.  However, shockingly, I am not always available to attend to her every whim, so I rigged up a perch & peg system connecting the manor door to the stairway, giving her a pathway to the mirror. 

It did not take long for her to make use of it….

How to keep a budgie or budgies quiet?

Give them LOADS of wild grass!

Atilla is often the exception – as you can tell in this video – as she is making quite a bit of noise bashing the camera…

But even Atilla is quiet here, busy eating along with Cagney & Bezukhov…

Atilla’s still got talent

Atilla is up to her old tricks again. I know that she likes my baggy, green t-shirt & the navy blue one – she likes to go up the sleeve & come out by my belly. I tend not to wear those t-shirts if I have work to be getting on with.  Yesterday she attempted the same with my light blue top, only this top has 3/4 length sleeves that are not so baggy.

After a little perseverance she managed to squeeze her way in, work her way up to my armpit & then emerge by my belly. Then there was no stopping her…. she wanted to go in again… & again…. & again…. It was like a fairground ride where she was the only one queuing.

I showed her a short cut though, where she could come out on my chest.

Here is a video. It’s a bit long as she decided to retrace her steps at one point.

Picked, parcelled & posted

Another surprise treat was received today! 

Once again, Rosebudgie & her boyz Ian & Marshall have picked, parcelled & posted more wild grass……

…AND some fresh, medicinal dandelion leaves!  They look so much fresher & more delicious than the polluted city version.

I gave them dandelion leaves first, which they all chomped on.  Here is Cagney tucking in:

Thank you Rosebudgie. 🙂

Busy behind the chair

After being too poorly to chew the back of the Poang chair, Atilla has gradually got back into the swing of chewing it again & is now spending quite some time working hard, moulding the chair to her specific requirements.  She is also back to using the HNS (Hand Navigation System) & pinches the pads of my fingers to let me know which direction she wants to go in & can still pack in a nasty nip if I do not obey.

Atilla rearranging the tea towel:

Sometimes she just likes to sit & rest underneath the tea towel:

Where’s Atilla?

The Ladder of Grass

Atilla & the toyboys have been tucking into their wild grass treat.  I have been pegging it to a swinging perch & propping it up on the landing platform so it was very much like a ladder of grass.

(Click on photos to enlarge)

Here they are munching on the grass:

Atilla was checking out the camera:

Atilla finally left the camera to eat some grass too:

Spotless (almost)

Poor Bezukhov is moulting heavily now. 

He has lost a tail feather & most of his little spots. 

His tummy looks very tatty.

As you can see from the photo, it looks like he has a big, jagged scar across his face. 

All that does not stop him from babbling, chatting & flying around though.

Bedtime preening

Atilla has got into the habit of preening Cagney’s head at bedtime.  She is very thorough.  In fact, she is so thorough that I think it is a bit of an ordeal for him, so the last couple of nights he has opted out by sleeping on the peg. 

Here is some dark & grainy evidence of Atilla’s thoroughness & Cagney’s meekness…..