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Daily Archives: 7 May 2012

Long time no see!

Atilla was well enough to visit the Poang chair today!  I’m sure the chair gave a sigh of relief to feel her chewing it.

The last couple of days Atilla has been quite lively, in her non-sleeping moments.  She tentatively made her way over to the chair, via a pathway of my palms (bit like a sideways one-potato-two-potato with palms, not clenched fist).  Once there, she rested & got her bearings. 

Since then, she has managed to fly there herself, thundering across from the manor.  It was a pleasure to hear the heavy beating of her wings & feel the turbulence in the air where it was displaced as she bombed her way over.  There was no time for exchanging any pleasantries or long-time-no-see’s, as she immediately commenced her chewing.  “Welcome back Atilla!” the chair seemed to say. 🙂

Video proof:

Sleeping beauties

Since Atilla has been poorly with her lump, its complications & the moult, & Cagney has been upset with his gammy leg, there has been more sleeping during the daytime.  Bezukhov likes a decent nap now & then so usually joins them.

Here are photos of them… they are snoozing & they are beautiful…