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Busy behind the chair

After being too poorly to chew the back of the Poang chair, Atilla has gradually got back into the swing of chewing it again & is now spending quite some time working hard, moulding the chair to her specific requirements.  She is also back to using the HNS (Hand Navigation System) & pinches the pads of my fingers to let me know which direction she wants to go in & can still pack in a nasty nip if I do not obey.

Atilla rearranging the tea towel:

Sometimes she just likes to sit & rest underneath the tea towel:

Where’s Atilla?

4 responses to “Busy behind the chair

  1. rosebudgie 16 May 2012 at 08:35

    That Poang chair really needs chewing – thank goodness Atilla is up for the job!


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