Orange patch

A few days ago, I noticed a strange orange-coloured patch on Atilla’s lump.  It did not look right so I dropped an email to Mr Avian Vet, with a photo, asking if it was something I should be concerned about.  Here was his response:

This is a localised area of infection – possibly because she has scratched or rubbed the surface. Initially I would treat it with some antiseptic cream such as Savlon, E45 or similar.

So, not only does she have a horrible hernia/lump, there is now an area of infection on it. 😦  I already had a tube of Savlon so I have been applying this twice a day.  It has been a relatively easy task as Atilla still likes going inside the tea towel at the back of the chair & her lump is very conveniently positioned for me to gently smear some cream on.  So far, the orange patch seems contained.  Atilla is still fine in herself & does not appear troubled by the infection.

Happy 2nd birthday, Mr Bezukhov!!!

Many happy returns to my beautiful boy Bezuky.  I loved you from the moment you looked up at me with those cute baby, black eyes.  You are smart & sensitive.  We love you loads.  Cagney loves having you as his partner in crime.  Atilla is impressed with your obedience to her as your leader.  And of course, dear Raspy adored you. xxx

Sitting Target

Well I wasn’t sitting…… but I was a target.

There I was, routinely cleaning the bottom of the manor, bent over at their main door, concentrating on what I was doing, when I felt a soft, warm thud on my arm…….

Yes, Atilla had gone onto the landing platform overhead & very kindly pooped onto my arm.

Thank you dear.

Could have been worse…. could have been in my hair.

Corn, broccoli, corn

Despite having had an abundance of wild grasses to munch on, the toyboys can still find room for some fresh vegetables.  On offer this time was baby corn & broccoli.  When there is a choice, Bezukhov tends to go for the corn first.  Cagney goes for the broccoli, although this would be usurped by peas if they were there.  Cagney is the biggest eater.  He is often the first to start eating & the last to stop eating.

Here they are dancing around the vegetable kabob….

Atilla enjoys her vegetables too but is currently in a shredding mood, i.e., eat a fraction then shred & throw the rest.

Up and over

Atilla is still coping with her lump.  It has got bigger again but is still a bit floppy rather than solid like it had been pre-Easter Sunday.  She occasionally gets a poop caught on it, but it never stays there long – either I manage to discreetly flick it off whilst it is fresh, or Atilla attacks it during a botty preen.

She gets about, as always, trailing the lump behind her.  She does not seem to mind & just hauls it around.  When she steps up on my finger from a perch or swing, I have to remember the up & over motion otherwise the lump will get caught.

Here she is on the swing – she got there herself.  She was not very relaxed as she saw me with the camera…

She is still making her own way down under the Manor to check out the mirror there…

The other day I caught her exploring the rest of the area under the Manor – she did a circuit of the tray, returning to the mirror & made her way up to the Manor as per usual.

Atilla doing a circuit of the tray under the Manor

Atilla is very independent & I admire her greatly.

Remembering Raspy: Little cardboard box

Bezukhov & the little cardboard box

The iodine block is popular here.  They have one in the Manor & one in the spare cage.  There is also another one that had fallen off its holder that I put on top of the spare cage.  I popped it in a little cardboard box that conveniently holds a lot of the dust from where they scrape it.  It has been in the little cardboard box for some time now, always being nibbled so gradually getting smaller & smaller.  The box itself has been in various places, mostly the top of the spare cage & also on the tank on the window ledge.

So, why is this talk of an iodine block in a cardboard box under a “Remembering Raspy” post?

Well, my girl Raspy used to tip the block out & then fling the box over the side.

That was her little routine.  I would hear a thump & look over to see her triumphantly looking at the box on the floor.  Naturally, I would pick it up, pop the iodine block back only for her to dispatch the box again.

Since her passing, the iodine block has stayed in the little cardboard box & the little cardboard box has never gone flying. 

Raspy Bella – tosser of the Little Cardboard Box

Flapping about & getting wet

During the recent hot weather I gave Atilla & the toyboys a few mistings to cool them down.  Atilla will only turn down a misting if the water temperature is not quite to her liking.  The boys are more unpredictable.  Sometimes they join in & have a roll about in whatever leaves there are but other times they will get a single drop of water on them & start preening excessively like they have actually got wet.

I love to watch Atilla flapping about under the water & prancing about in the leaves.  It is difficult to film as I am spraying the water with one hand & have the camera in the other hand.  It is worth the effort though.  Here is Atilla having a flap & getting thoroughly drenched….


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