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Daily Archives: 9 June 2012

Remembering Raspy: Little cardboard box

Bezukhov & the little cardboard box

The iodine block is popular here.  They have one in the Manor & one in the spare cage.  There is also another one that had fallen off its holder that I put on top of the spare cage.  I popped it in a little cardboard box that conveniently holds a lot of the dust from where they scrape it.  It has been in the little cardboard box for some time now, always being nibbled so gradually getting smaller & smaller.  The box itself has been in various places, mostly the top of the spare cage & also on the tank on the window ledge.

So, why is this talk of an iodine block in a cardboard box under a “Remembering Raspy” post?

Well, my girl Raspy used to tip the block out & then fling the box over the side.

That was her little routine.  I would hear a thump & look over to see her triumphantly looking at the box on the floor.  Naturally, I would pick it up, pop the iodine block back only for her to dispatch the box again.

Since her passing, the iodine block has stayed in the little cardboard box & the little cardboard box has never gone flying. 

Raspy Bella – tosser of the Little Cardboard Box