Last weekend I thought it was time to make the Manor more Atilla-friendly.

The main changes are as follows:

  • Seed pot reinstated.   This was the seed pot that was originally in the back-left position.  It was moved to the right side of the Manor as Atilla kept pooping into it.  She has not pooped in that location for some time now so I thought it would be nice to put the pot back & then they have 3 pots in a row & can eat together.
  • Perches alongside the seed pots.  Atilla has been looking a little uncomfortable perching on the edge of the seed pot itself.  I doubt that her lump helps, particularly from the balance point of view.  They now have perches close to the seed pots so they can eat seed from the comfort of a perch.
  • Lengthways perch.  I included a big perch that originally came with the cage.  It is the length of the manor.  This has been put along the top part so Atilla can simply walk from one end of the cage to the other.
  • Ladder1.  This ladder goes from the lengthways perch up to the loft area.
  • Ladder2.  This ladder goes from the iodine block down to the water dish.  Atilla now routinely slides down the “bannister” to get her water & then climbs back up.
  • T-perch.  I had already installed a t-perch that was helpful breaking up the long vertical bars that Atilla struggles to climb up.  I purchased another & put it on the other section of vertical bars.
  • Bedtime swings.  Since Cagney’s foot/leg has now healed, I have returned some more swings to the loft area.  They now have 3 swings & a perch.  Atilla sleeps on the perch.

Whilst I was making all the changes, Atilla was busy chewing the poang chair.  When she returned, all the work had been done so she promptly reviewed all changes, stepping onto new perches & trying the ladders out.  All met with her approval.

Atilla has not been out of the Manor in the last week.  Is that because she likes the new arrangement?  Or is it because she is slowing down?  I continue to watch & observe…