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Fluffy fascinator

The toyboys are moulting again.  The weather has been very changeable so I am not too surprised.  There is fluff everywhere.  The boys tend to have a bit on their heads, ceres & beaks & occasionally stuck to a wing or a belly.  Bezukhov has learned that if fluff falls off, leave it, do not peck at it.  Cagney will panic when there is fluff on his face but when he finally manages to get it off, he promptly pecks at it & it gets stuck to his face again.

Here he is, wearing a fluffy fascinator on the back of his head:

Height of fashion, yes?

Bezukhov is lop-sided.  He has lost his spots on one side of his face.  The other side still looks fine.

Spotless right profile

Spotty left profile

2 responses to “Fluffy fascinator

  1. rosebudgie 6 September 2012 at 08:47

    Those boyz are still looking EXTREMELY handsome, with or without spots and fluff.


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