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Monthly Archives: October 2012

Introduction: Stages 1-3

My little grey man & the toyboys have met!

They say there are 5 stages of grief (Kübler-Ross model).  I suggest there are several stages of introducing a little grey man to toyboys…..

  • Stage 1: Confidence.

This stage is where the Meeters (toyboys) can only hear the Meetee (little grey man).  They engage quite readily in a new conversation, most probably with the (false) confidence that the strange chirps are from a computer or radio…

  • Stage 2: Shell shock.

This stage is where the Meetee is revealed in full grey glory to the Meeters.  The Meeters false confidence rapidly gives way to shell shock.  They are struck dumb.  It can take up to 20 minutes to even manage a blink.

  • Stage 3: Denial.

This stage is where the Meeters choose to ignore the perceived threat & go about their normal daily business.  However, at any unusual sound or movement from the Meetee, the Meeters will briefly go back to stage 2.

[Stage 2 & stage 3 may continue in a loop for some time.]

To be continued……

Meeters at stage 2, considering stage 3…


Short toenails, long beak?

Cagney appears to be keeping his toenails under control & they are a reasonable length at the moment.  However, the other day I got a shock when I saw the length of his beak!  I have never seen it so long!  It has always been quite long & pointy, particularly compared to Bezukhov’s, but now it has got far too long.

They always have an iodine block in the Manor.  There has always been an iodine block in the spare cage.  In fact, the toyboys have usually gone into the spare cage specifically to chew its iodine block (pre Little Grey Man taking the spare cage over, of course).

To encourage Cagney to sort his beak out I have started putting an iodine block on the landing platform in the hope he will have a nibble on his way in & out.

Beak curling round to his chinny chin chin!

Remembering my girls: Leg rings

My two beautiful girls had leg rings. 

Atilla’s leg ring has recently joined her sister’s on my chain, close to my heart.

Atilla was chick number 9 for that breeder in 2008.  Raspy was chick number 10

Together always.

Extra beak to feed…

Since we have been pudding-less, there has been lots of space…. too much space….   The toyboys have been rattling around in the manor (though still avoiding sitting in Atilla’s usual spots).  It seems right to expand the flock.

Enter my little grey man… 🙂

My little grey man

Our new little friend arrived last Sunday 14th October, after a long trip on the M25 (Londoners will know what that means!)  His owner wanted him rehomed as he was not fitting in with her other 4 budgies.  She in turn had rehomed him from a friend & had only had him herself for about two months.  He is assumed to be around 10 months old & was originally bought from a pet shop.

He looked in good form although I did notice a little discharge from his right nare & he would randomly keep opening his beak in a strange manner.  When I got him home that evening, I decided to keep him in the travel cage (in the bedroom, separate from the toyboys) so it would be easier to take him to the vet the next day, which I did.

Mr EV prescribed antibiotics in water for 5 days.  He said the discharge was most probably trickling down his throat & that was why he was opening his beak.  He agreed that otherwise he looked in good health.  When I got him back from the vet’s that Monday evening, I quickly transferred him to the spare/folding cage which would be his quarantine home for the next few weeks.  He looked a bit shell-shocked but did not take long to find his seed, millet & water.

Since then, the discharge problem has improved but not yet gone.  Mr EV suggested another week on the antibiotics.

My little grey man is a very handsome boy.  In fact, he is registered at the vet’s under the temporary name of “Lovely Boy“.  He has been fairly quiet so far in quarantine but is very alert & dare I say it…. suspicious.  Twice, I have managed to get him to eat millet from my hand without him having a panic flap so that is progress.  He likes looking out of the window.  He likes it when I sit there with him.

I hope he integrates well with my toyboys.  I hope the toyboys welcome him.  I hope they will live together harmoniously.

A bid for freedom

The toyboys’ bid for freedom has been thwarted!

I was a little suspicious that they had been spending a lot of time on the roof of the manor.  Whenever I approached they immediately looked guilty & shuffled their feet.  When I asked them what they were up to I never got a coherent reply, although this was fairly normal…

Anyway, unfortunately for the boys, I discovered what they were up to.  They had managed to unlock the roof latch!  This was no mean feat, as you have to pull it out & then swing it sideways.  Clearly it was a two-budgie job.

Naturally, I locked it again & now I check it frequently.  The boys will have to find something else naughty to do!

Update on Cagney’s foot

The 3 amigos on the sisal rope perch

I am aware that I have not given an update on Cagney’s dodgy foot.  I am pleased to report that all is well.  His dodgy left foot is now completely fine & the pressure sore on his right foot has gone.  I did try putting savlon on his sore but the attempts were pretty feeble so I can only assume that his healing was down to “time”.   It certainly did not take as long as the last time so although there was a problem it was not as severe.

So, why does he keep injuring his foot?

The only thing I can think of is a combination of him having too-long toenails & getting a too-long toenail caught in a loop on the sisal rope perch.  I prefer the sisal rope perches to the cotton rope perches as I believe they can easily tear the sisal rope but not the cotton, so even if they do get caught, they can bite their way free.

In fact, Cagney can often be found chewing the sisal rope perch.  Bezukhov joins in.  Sometimes, I join the two of them & we three spend a quiet evening pulling at the strands on the perch.

In the meantime, I do believe Cagney has been keeping his toenails shorter.  Fingers crossed he keeps them down & does not injure his foot again.

The Sunshine Award

This is a very belated post (about 6 months late!) but I am honored to have been nominated for the Sunshine Award by fellow blogger http://acircleinthepath.wordpress.com/.

Like ACircleInThePath, I too am a first time blogger and started my blog as a way to record my life with my birds.  When I began, I did not imagine that within a too short space of time “Puddings & Toyboys” would just be “Toyboys”.  My blog now also serves as a tribute to my two beautiful girls.  I hope my random posts show how amazing budgies are.  I am truly thankful to share my life with them, past & present.

The Sunshine Award is to award “bloggers who positively and creatively inspire others in the blogosphere.”  The rules appear fairly simple and are as follows:

1.  Thank the person who gave you this award and write a post about it.

2.  Answer the questions below.

3.  Pass on the award to 10 fabulous bloggers, link their blogs and let them know you awarded them.


Thank you ACircleInThePath.  I have been following your blog for some time now & appreciate the honesty & openness in your posts.  Anyone who cares for someone suffering with Lewy Body Dementia should read your blog.


Favorite Color –  Blue

Favorite Animal – That has to be a budgie!

Favorite Number – My father was partial to no. 9 so I shall pick that. 🙂

Favorite Drink – Sparkling water with a slice of lemon.

Facebook or Twitter – Facebook – it’s good for keeping in touch with far-flung friends.

Your Passion – My birds!

Giving or Getting Presents – Getting….. my friends & family always give such lovely presents!

Favorite Day – When I was young, it used to be Saturday, as that was the day we would visit my nan.  Nowadays, I would say Saturday or Sunday.

Favorite Flowers – Cornflowers.


My list of nominee/winners:











Perch of preference

Bezukhov has a favourite perch. He often sits on it when they have their outside-Manor time.

Is it on the custom-made play gym?  No.

Is it the fancy-shaped natural wooden perch curling up from the top of the Manor?  No.

Is it the rope perch trailing round the side of the manor?  No.

It’s the teething ring.  Yes.  A simple baby teething ring is his favourite perch.

Cagney is partial to the wooden peg too.  Why do they prefer the cheapest perches?!

Butterfly in the bath

The other day I found a butterfly in my kitchen.  It was fluttering about, unable to find the window & the way out.  I managed to get it into the bird bath & then let it free.

I checked online as to what species it was & found it was a Cabbage White.  It probably found someone’s cabbages to chew holes in…