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Daily Archives: 28 October 2012

Introduction: Stages 1-3

My little grey man & the toyboys have met!

They say there are 5 stages of grief (Kübler-Ross model).  I suggest there are several stages of introducing a little grey man to toyboys…..

  • Stage 1: Confidence.

This stage is where the Meeters (toyboys) can only hear the Meetee (little grey man).  They engage quite readily in a new conversation, most probably with the (false) confidence that the strange chirps are from a computer or radio…

  • Stage 2: Shell shock.

This stage is where the Meetee is revealed in full grey glory to the Meeters.  The Meeters false confidence rapidly gives way to shell shock.  They are struck dumb.  It can take up to 20 minutes to even manage a blink.

  • Stage 3: Denial.

This stage is where the Meeters choose to ignore the perceived threat & go about their normal daily business.  However, at any unusual sound or movement from the Meetee, the Meeters will briefly go back to stage 2.

[Stage 2 & stage 3 may continue in a loop for some time.]

To be continued……

Meeters at stage 2, considering stage 3…