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Introduction: Stage 7

Phineas monitoring the toyboys from the landing platform

Phineas monitoring the toyboys from the landing platform

Previously I posted on stage 6.

Stage 7: Establishing a routine.

We seem to have a routine of some sorts.  A strange one at that.

In the morning, I pull the cover back on Phinny’s cage first, so he can see the toyboys in the Manor.  There is usually a lot of chat between them all.  I then let the toyboys out to have a fly & mooch about.  Often, Cagney’s first port of call is to go over & say hello to Phineas.  Sometimes Bezukhov goes over too, but Phineas usually does a lot of wing flapping when he does.  Just when I deduce that the wing-flapping means he is not keen on Bezukhov, Phinny then wing-flaps at Cagney….. & then at me…. & then just for the hell of it….

The toyboys have their quality time together.  I think they appreciate this as once I let Phineas out he tends to curtail their activities.

Of course, Phineas needs his out of cage time too & he gets this later in the morning.  He knows where his door is now & is out as soon as I open it, & proceeds immediately to the Manor.

There may be some flying about by all of them, usually Phineas chasing Cagney & Bezukhov flying alongside.  The toyboys then retire into the Manor loft area.  Phineas then goes on prowling duty.  He paces back & forth over the Manor roof, watching the boys & getting excited when they say something or move a feather.  Strangely, he does not go into the Manor.

Phineas inside the Manor. :-O

Phineas inside the Manor. :-O

Well, he has recently gone into the Manor but his visits are generally very brief.  A quick in & out.

The toyboys appear relatively safe in the Manor, even with the landing platform down & the main front door open.  They also seem safe when sitting on the swinging perch (with mirror) that I sometimes hang from the landing platform.  In this situation, instead of sitting above them on the Manor roof, Phinny will sit on the landing platform above them.

Phinny still needs help to go back in his own cage (i.e., I am grabbing him).  If left to him I think he would be a permanent fixture on the Manor roof.

If truth be told, I was hoping they would all live harmoniously in the Manor together.  This may still happen but for the time being I am letting them work out their own schedules & procedures.

6 responses to “Introduction: Stage 7

  1. featheredfiends 4 December 2012 at 00:13

    Good old Phinny 🙂

    Do you know if he was on his own for a long time before he came to you?


    • onesweetiepea 4 December 2012 at 00:42

      I understand that he was originally with a female. They were re-homed & joined 3 other budgies. The female paired up with one of the other budgies & Phinny was the odd one out as the other 2 were also a pair, hence him being re-homed (again). So, the only time he has been on his own was probably quarantine with me!
      Assuming he was at least 8 weeks old when he went to a pet shop, he was with the first owners for about 6 months & the next owner 2 months. He’s moved around a lot in his short life….


  2. Samwise 4 December 2012 at 10:15

    Oh poor Phinny But positively it sounds like he is settling in tho with the Toyboys and will have a loving home forever more 🙂 Love the idea of you flapping too btw can just imagine that! 😀


  3. rosebudgie 4 December 2012 at 12:07

    Phinny the Prower is one lucky budgie. I hope he appreciates it!


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