What’s this green stuff?

Much of my effort recently has been spent smoothing the path for the toyboys & Phineas to get together.  My other mission has been to introduce vegetables to Phineas.  As far as I know, in the past, other than seed he has only eaten apple.  I thought that when they are all together he will be inspired to eat whatever the toyboys are eating.

So far, Phinny has been too excitable to think of eating anything new.  I had put some baby corn on the landing platform & Cagney desperately wanted to eat it but Phineas just kept running back & forth across it, trying to get Cagney’s attention.  The same with broccoli.

At the weekend, I tried a different tactic.  This time, I put some broccoli on a skewer & hung it in the (safe) loft area for the toyboys to eat.  Above this, on the roof, I pegged a small broccoli floret for Phinny.  Initially, he just ran around it, on his prowling mission, monitoring the toyboys beneath him.  However, he did notice the toyboys munching their green stuff & decided to peck at the broccoli in front of him.  He pecked a few times & ran around a few times.  Eventually, he pecked & ingested a bit!  It did not kill him so he ate some more!  What an achievment this was!  I got it on film to share here!

Well done my little grey man!

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