This is MY side!

For some time, the swinging perch (with the mirror) has been a safe haven for the toyboys from Phineas.  I hang it from the landing platform & often Cagney or Bezukhov or both of them together, will hop on for some quality “me” time.  Despite lots of circling & weighing up of options, Phineas has found it impossible to get onto……………..

………………. until now!

Yes, he finally managed to climb on & was surprisingly calm, despite being so close to Cagney (on rung diagonally below).  However, Bezukhov did have to keep reminding Phineas to stay over his side & not go over the boundary, which is I believe, an invisible line going through the centre of the wood, including the air space in the holes.

Introduction: Stage 8, the final stage

Previously I posted on stage 7.

Stage 8:  Patience.

20130113_124434_sh21It is coming up to 3 months since Phineas was introduced to Cagney & Bezukhov.  This particular introduction has been a perfect example of not rushing things!  We are still taking it slowly.  My actions on what to do & when have largely been dictated by the boys themselves.  I am keen for them all to live happily together even if they do not become bosom buddies.  However, they all appear to actually like each other & any upset is either due to “over-friendliness” or a slight confusion over boundaries.

There has been a tiny, tiny, tiny amount of progress in that Phineas is managing to take his eye off Cagney for more than a few seconds at a time.  This opens up a new world for him, not least another friend in Bezukhov & another friend in me (or my hand as that is currently his preferred jiggy-jiggy location, & my thumb as that is his preferred object to regurgitate to).

So, the Introduction is on-going.  I have chosen “Patience” as the name of stage 8, the final stage, as this seems to perfectly encapsulate what is needed.  And, if truth be told, it is highly possible there will not actually be an end date for the use of Patience.

Eating together… almost

In the last few days Cagney has been standing his ground a little with Phineas.  Yesterday, he managed to eat seed without Phineas disturbing him too much.  I was so (pleasantly) surprised to see them both eating that I had to film them…..

So, we just need this to happen for longer & also for Bezukhov to join them.  We are getting there….. slowly!

8pm x2

It appears that 8pm is the magic hour.

Appointment-30167-mYesterday evening, for the first time ever, Phineas went back to his own cage to eat!  He had been out for hours & had not eaten.  Even when the Manor was open he would only ever steal a seed or two as he would be too excited to actually stop to eat. 

Several times I have thought of leaving him out & waiting for him to go back of his own accord (without having the song & dance of grabbing him) but he has never shown any interest in his own lodgings….. until last night, at 8pm, when he made his way back to eat supper (well, actually lunch, afternoon tea & supper rolled into one).  Hallelujah!  As it was near bedtime, I closed the door behind him.  Ideally, I would like him to know that going back for seed does not mean he will be locked in but as it was late I felt there was not much choice.

This evening, at a few minutes to 8pm, he went back in again for seed!  So, that is two evenings now when I have not had to chase him!  Underneath it all, he is a very good boy. 🙂


Phineas is like Cagney’s shadow.

For those familiar with the UK show “Only Fools and Horses”, an episode called The Longest Night has a character Lennox describe himself as The Shadow.  He quotes the following verse in explanation of his nickname:

They seek him here, they seek him there/ those policemen seek him everywhere/ is he in heaven or is he in hell/ that dammed elusive… sh-a-a-a-a-dow.

For Phineas I would substitute “elusive” with “troublesome”!  Also, it does not take long to find him as he is usually beside Cagney.