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Daily Archives: 18 January 2013

This is MY side!

For some time, the swinging perch (with the mirror) has been a safe haven for the toyboys from Phineas.  I hang it from the landing platform & often Cagney or Bezukhov or both of them together, will hop on for some quality “me” time.  Despite lots of circling & weighing up of options, Phineas has found it impossible to get onto……………..

………………. until now!

Yes, he finally managed to climb on & was surprisingly calm, despite being so close to Cagney (on rung diagonally below).  However, Bezukhov did have to keep reminding Phineas to stay over his side & not go over the boundary, which is I believe, an invisible line going through the centre of the wood, including the air space in the holes.