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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Spirit of adorableness

Bezukhov has been modelling for a new car bonnet ornament:

We are not quite sure which pose is best but may send the first one off to Rolls-Royce with the caption “Spirit of adorableness“.

Lovely Boy


I meant to post

this awhile ago

as proof that Phineas

is registered at the vet

as “Lovely Boy“. 😀

Toyboy time

When left to their own devices, i.e., when Phineas is locked up in his own cage, Cagney & Bezukhov still like to run around together.  They are great mates.  They also have their “bonding” moments.  I love to see them head bopping, beak tapping & getting excited.  Phineas does not allow them to do this so I try to allow them some quality toyboy time each day to remind themselves of their affection for each other.

Toyboy bookends

Have you ever wondered what toyboy bookends would look like?

Wonder no more…..


MORE green stuff?

I have gradually been introducing vegetables to Phineas.  If he copies the toyboys then his diet should be reasonably varied.  He likes broccoli although he does tend to shred it quite a bit.  I am confident that he eats some of it though.

Spinach was a recent attempt.  He took to it quite quickly & seemed to like the taste, i.e., most ended in & around his beak rather than scattered around the floor.  As usual, here is the proof!

So you're saying you want me to try ANOTHER vegetable?  What's in it for ME?

So you’re saying you want me to try ANOTHER vegetable? What’s in it for ME?

It looks a bit icky... I will have to close my eyes....

It looks a bit icky… I will have to close my eyes….

Actually.... that's not toooo bad....

Actually…. that’s not toooo bad….

Just call me Popeye... now where's my pipe?

Just call me Popeye… now where’s my pipe?

A delicate matter

As Phineas has got over his moult, his “urges” have returned.  I am in a privileged position in that Phinny likes to jiggy-jiggy with my hand.  Privileged because he chooses me but also privileged as it means I can monitor his “deposits”.

For the curious amongst you, here is what a budgie "deposit" looks like.

For the curious amongst you, here is what a budgie “deposit” looks like.

These have been fine for some time but in recent weeks I have noticed a varying amount of blood in them.  Sometimes it is a tiny amount, barely visible & other times it looks almost all red.  It has been a bit concerning even though Phineas has been fine in every other way.

So, a vet trip was on the cards.  This happened two days ago when I took him to the exotic vet.

Mr EV examined him & confirmed there were no suspicious lumps or bumps in that area.  He said there was a very, very slight inflammation, most probably due to “over-activity”.  He asked lots of questions about his general well-being & I got the impression that the blood in semen requires other symptoms to be regarded as a potential problem.  There are apparently options such as sterilisation (:0) & hormone injections (:0) but Mr EV felt these were not applicable in this instance.

I felt some relief after the visit, particularly as there were no lumps.  Budgies are so susceptible to tumours & growths that confirmation there was nothing wrong in that area was welcome.



Phineas was a good boy throughout the ordeal.  I could not help but compare his stay in the travel cage with that of the puddings.  The girls were always very put out & found it totally unacceptable.  After the initial surprise, Phineas seemed far more adaptable & accommodating of “his lot”.  He even preened in the car on the way to the vet.  Of course his return was very noisy, with him & the toyboys shouting out.  I popped the travel cage on the coffee table whilst I let the toyboys out & they immediately flew over to him, no doubt to hear what adventure he had been on.

Strangely, Phineas could not for the life of him find the open door of the travel cage!  Rather than grab him again, I unclipped the cage & moved it on its side so he could exit from the bottom.  Silly boy!

He has since had a good talking to & I have told him to “tie a knot in it”.  However, I fear he was not listening to me….

Mr Jiggy-Jiggy himself

Mr Jiggy-Jiggy himself

First snow of 2013

We had some proper snow last month.  Cagney & Bezukhov have seen snow before but were still wide-eyed with fascination when it started falling the other week.  Phineas was also intrigued by it although his fascination for Cagney eventually overrode it.

Bezukhov was keen to extend his study of rain to include snow but had to put up with his two rather wayward assistants this time.

So that was our first snow of 2013.  Will it be the last?

Remembering Raspy: A little floozie

20101120_112710_cropIt has been awhile since my last “Remembering Raspy” post but I think of her every day.

Recently, Phineas has been reminding me of Raspy, due to his particular “urges”, as demonstrated by the hand jive.  Of course Raspy was a lady & would never have contemplated jiving with my hand.

Pre-toyboys, other objects were used & her favourite was the swing.  Of course post-toyboys Bezukhov was her other half.  As a couple, they were a little behind Atilla & Cagney on the jiggy-jiggy front but I attribute this to Bezukhov’s shyness.  Raspy used to give him some pretty big hints but it took him awhile to pluck up courage & do the deed.  From then, there was no stopping them…. well Cagney did try but that is another story…..

The scratching perch has a new client

Phineas has discovered the scratching perch. It is very popular for reaching those hard to get pin feathers on the head, face & neck.

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