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Remembering Raspy: A little floozie

20101120_112710_cropIt has been awhile since my last “Remembering Raspy” post but I think of her every day.

Recently, Phineas has been reminding me of Raspy, due to his particular “urges”, as demonstrated by the hand jive.  Of course Raspy was a lady & would never have contemplated jiving with my hand.

Pre-toyboys, other objects were used & her favourite was the swing.  Of course post-toyboys Bezukhov was her other half.  As a couple, they were a little behind Atilla & Cagney on the jiggy-jiggy front but I attribute this to Bezukhov’s shyness.  Raspy used to give him some pretty big hints but it took him awhile to pluck up courage & do the deed.  From then, there was no stopping them…. well Cagney did try but that is another story…..

2 responses to “Remembering Raspy: A little floozie

  1. rosebudgie 3 February 2013 at 10:06

    That’s a lovely picture of Raspy. I do like to see a budgie with their feet nicely coveed up.


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