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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Night night!

For some time now, the toyboys have been sleeping next to each other on the rope perch in the loft area.  However, recently there has been a change in positions.  They are now back to sleeping on top of the round swing, either side of the shower ring that holds it up.

Bezukhov is usually on the right hand side & is quite cramped & hunched over because of the curve in the manor roof.

Here is murky & blurry proof (I did not want to disturb them with flash):

Look closely to see toyboys on top of round swing.

Look closely to see toyboys on top of round swing.

Stubborn feather

20130420_174903_sh21For about a week now, Cagney has had a tail covert feather sticking out sideways.  It looks like it is ready to fall out but has been hanging on, even through preening sessions. 20130420_174903crop_sh21 He does not seem bothered by it at all.

Blood feathers

Poor Bezukhov has some blood feathers.

I understand that blood feathers & pin feathers are much the same thing in that blood feathers are usually pinnies.  Pin feathers do not always have a visible blood supply though, as it can have receded but the feather still be in a waxy coating.

Blood feathers sounds more appropriate in this instance as it is possible to see the blood supply.  It looks very uncomfortable.

Tatty Toyboys

The moult is still going on.

Feather loss is slowing down but tatty-factor has increased considerably.  Both toyboys have very tatty bellies that look uneven & clumpy.  Their faces look rough with feather loss under their eyes & around their beak.  They have been quite grumpy & spend most of their time either snoozing or preening.

I have offered mistings but it seems that either Cagney will choose to get wet, or Bezukhov will – not both at the same session!

Best spot in the manor

Cagney preening behind the chewy toy.

Cagney preening behind the chewy toy.

There are usually positions in the cage that are favourites. 

Atilla always claimed the spot with the best vantage point for overseeing all that was going on in the room.

The toyboys current favourite spot is behind a chewy toy on the rope perch in the loft area.

During the day one or other of them will often be found sat behind it.  During the night, one or other is usually behind it.  Cagney is behind it about 9 times out of 10, but sometimes he shifts over & allows Bezukhov to sleep there.

It is a chewy toy so does get chewed.  It fell down the other week as they had chewed through the stringy bit holding it up.  I gave it a quick repair & popped it back.  It is slightly shorter than before, but still warrants best position in the Manor.

Specs appeal

It was only a brief, minor event, but one I feel that is worth documenting.

The boys were all out & doing their thing.  I went over to talk to them.  Phineas was on the top of the manor.  He looked down at me & without a second thought, jumped on my spectacles!

For a moment I felt that I had a fluffy fascinator that had fallen down.

He was there for only seconds.  It was planned.  Not an accident.  I am not sure where he got the audacity from but either way, it confirms he is a very naughty boy.

Me? Naughty?!

Me? Naughty?!

I tawt I taw a puddy tat!

The boys have a new friend, Tweety Pie!

He is another yellow face.  Here they are, all together, with Tweety on the far right.

Cagney - Phineas - Bezukhov - Tweety

Cagney – Phineas – Bezukhov – Tweety

So far, no fights & Tweety should be happy as there are no puddy tats here. 😀

Do you come here often?

Phineas has discovered mirrors.  He has one in his cage that is part of his swing.  He has only ever given it a cursory thump.   Recently, I have noticed him giving it a little more attention, but we are just talking seconds.

When they are all out, I often hanging the swinging perch with mirror from the landing platform.  This has four perches on it – plenty for three boys to share.  It has a mirror next to the two lower perches.  For the first time ever, Phineas has actually given the handsome fellow staring back at him the time of day.  This has happened, I suspect, because Cagney & Bezukhov were otherwise engaged (preening and/or snoozing).  The handsome fellow in the mirror was probably making eyes at him & was difficult to resist.  Fortunately, I managed to get this all on film…..

Fluffy floor

It is moulting time again.  For the toyboys at least.

I came home yesterday to a floor full of fluff…


Both Cagney & Bezukhov have lost a tail feather…


They are snoozing more (much to Phinny’s distaste)….


Remembering my girls: Lollipop sticks

Who knew that simple wooden lollipop sticks would be so popular?  Both Atilla & Raspy were great fans of them.  For most of their lives they would be happy to chew away until just a tiny splinter remained.  Forget about expensive toys…. just give them a wooden stick!  It could keep them quiet for ages.

They were introduced to the sticks when young but used to play with them more than chew.  Hours would go by with them just hanging on them, doing the splits, grabbing one away from the other & of course having a nibble.

Here are some videos of them:

The chick-like nibble would soon turn into full blown adult hen destruction & the sticks would not last long.  No matter… I always made sure I had them in stock. 🙂