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Daily Archives: 1 April 2013

Going undercover

As part of their “winding down for bedtime” routine, I put a small cover over the back of the toyboys’ loft area.  Often Phineas is still out & about.

One time, when I came back into the room, I could not see Phineas anywhere, but then noticed a mysterious bump under the cover.

Where’s Phinny??

Hmm…. when I looked closer, there he was, settled underneath.



In the old days, when I used to have to catch him to put him to bed, he would hide under the cover.  Nowadays he likes going in & out just for the hell of it.  Unlike the toyboys, he does not link the cover with “time for bed”.  Actually…. I think he does get the link but pretends not to get it…..


Update: Just found this picture!