Best spot in the manor

Cagney preening behind the chewy toy.
Cagney preening behind the chewy toy.

There are usually positions in the cage that are favourites. 

Atilla always claimed the spot with the best vantage point for overseeing all that was going on in the room.

The toyboys current favourite spot is behind a chewy toy on the rope perch in the loft area.

During the day one or other of them will often be found sat behind it.  During the night, one or other is usually behind it.  Cagney is behind it about 9 times out of 10, but sometimes he shifts over & allows Bezukhov to sleep there.

It is a chewy toy so does get chewed.  It fell down the other week as they had chewed through the stringy bit holding it up.  I gave it a quick repair & popped it back.  It is slightly shorter than before, but still warrants best position in the Manor.

7 thoughts on “Best spot in the manor

  1. rosebudgie

    I’m sure the lads have got some excellent reasons for lurking by the chewy toy. It is doubtless very scary to outsiders …


  2. Samwise

    That does look like an excellent spot to sit, perhaps they think they will not be disturbed there ’cause you cant see them 😉 😀


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