Remembering Atilla: Sweet dreams

The other morning I awoke from a dream & remembered that Atilla had been in it.

It was definitely Atilla, not a token budgie as can happen sometimes in dreams, when they get a bit weird!  She was only a small part of the dream but actually now, the only part I can remember.  🙂

090111_atilla10aShe was playing on a table top with a toy of some description.  Atilla’s kind of playing, where she would be pulling, pushing & tugging.  I noticed that behind her the window was slightly open (a reoccurring theme in my dreams with budgies :O).  I gently stretched around her to close the window.  She did not notice.  She was too focused on the toy & getting it to submit to her will. 🙂

This reminded me of her stamina, determination & single-mindedness.  She was truly, in my eyes, a remarkable bird.