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Daily Archives: 4 June 2013

Parcel for Mr Thomas!

The wild grass season is with us again. 🙂

Fairy godmother follower Rosebudgie has been out in the countryside & picked a lovely bunch of seeded grass for our new boy Thomas.

This was duly shared amongst Cagney, Bezukhov & Phineas whilst Thomas suspiciously looked at sprigs whilst in quarantine.  The toyboys have, of course, sampled the delights of wild grass before & wasted no time tucking into Thomas’s parcel.  Phineas has most probably never seen this seeded grass before.  Initially he was very suspicious & skirted around it.  He was not scared of it as the toyboys were eating it but it must have looked a bit odd to him.  Eventually, he plucked up courage to try some & surprise, surprise, loved it!

Thank you rosebudgie!