VeGducating Thomas: Celery

In the VeGducating Thomas series, I have been reporting on the vegetables that Thomas has been introduced to.  He has been very good at trying things, though it helps having someone else eating the vegetable to prove it is not a killer.

Here is evidence of Thomas finding out, with Phinny’s help, that celery does not bite:

Getting closer?

After about a week of Phineas & Thomas having the lounge to themselves (see Separation post), I was stunned to see Phineas preening Thomas!  They were both sat on the window perch.  I looked up from the laptop where I was working & could not believe my eyes.  I grabbed the camera & quickly started filming:

My little grey man was grown up enough to interpret that Thomas wanted his chops preened.  A little later, they were on the playgym & I saw Phineas preening Thomas again.  Out came the camera:

Who knew that Phineas had it in him?!

What is more, that same day, Thomas found his way into Phinny’s cage!  I think Phineas was a little surprised to see Thomas sat there on his perch & then Thomas eating his seed, but he took it in his stride.

Was Thomas going to stay overnight in Phinny’s home? Continue reading “Getting closer?”

A straw & the door

Now that Phineas & Thomas have the lounge to themselves (see Separation post) I thought it would be nice if they could eventually share a cage.  This would get the number of cages in use down from three to two.  As I have concerns about some of the bars on the Ferplast, I am keen to phase this cage out.  This means attempting to get Thomas to share the folding cage with Phineas.

Knowing that it took Thomas 3 weeks to emerge from the Ferplast, I suspected that he may have a problem with small doors.  The folding cage has a large door on the front which has a small door within it.  Phineas is happy using the small door, though I do recall he initially used to go back & forth in front of it some time before he worked out it was the path to Cagney.  For Thomas, I decided to make use of the larger door, but when it is open, it sticks up above the main cage, which has always put me off.  Some thinking was needed.

A-ha!  A jumbo drinking straw was what I needed.  I got a green one & slit it along the edge & simply slid it along the top of the door.  Now it was more like an actual perch, rather than something that got in the way of flying.  The door itself is held up with pegs (what would I do without pegs?!)  I put a rope perch from the outside snaking sneakily to the inside.

Now to watch & wait!

Remembering my girls: Pellets

Recently, I bought a fresh bag of Harrisons pellets.  I feed these as a treat.  They are usually available in dishes outside the cage/s & all buds eat them.  I think Bezukhov likes them best as that is usually his first stop when he is let out of the manor.  Since Bezukhov & Cagney have been in my bedroom, the pellets have not been available as there is no suitable place to put the dishes.  As a temporary measure, I added two little bowls of pellets inside the manor.  Naturally, they have completely ignored these.  Being a bit soft, I decided to offer them the pellets by hand…

One for Bezukhov…. one for Cagney…. one for Bezukhov…. one for Cagney….You get the picture….

So, why am I wittering on about Cagney, Bezukhov & pellets when this is a post about Atilla & Raspy?  Well, I used to feed the girls pellets by hand too.  In fact, it was a little ritual.

Atilla & Raspy preening
Atilla & Raspy preening

Often, they would both be sat on their ttmss swing & I would offer a pellet to Atilla… then Raspy… then Atilla… then Raspy… etc.  Everything had to be equal with the girls – if I offered Atilla something, then I had to do the same for Raspy & vice versa.  No favoritism.  We would spend a good few minutes going through the routine.  It worked well.  Whilst one was crunching on a pellet, the other was being offered one.  They would often stretch forward eager for the next pellet.  Of course there were the odd times when “taking turns” was not observed but we managed to muddle through & I am confident Atilla & Raspy both had an equal amount of pellets.

So, feeding Cagney & Bezukhov the pellets was a nice little bonding experience, with the added bonus that it reminded me of my beautiful puddings. 🙂


It was with a heavy heart that I decided to split up my flock.

After the mayhem that I last reported on, I decided they needed some cooling off, some downtime, some peace.  Oh wait…. that may have been me that needed those things…..  Actually, I felt their behaviour left me with little choice.  So, Cagney & Bezukhov have been temporarily moved to my bedroom, leaving Phineas & Thomas in the lounge.  In a way this is reverting back to an earlier stage of quarantine.

The logic of this new arrangement is to see if Phineas & Thomas can get on together & then I can perhaps introduce them to Cagney & Bezukhov (again) as mates.  Perhaps this will make a difference?  Only time will tell.

Fortunately, the toyboys have settled well in the bedroom.  They were out & comfortably flying around the room quickly.  Because of a lack of landing areas they do a lap or two & return to the manor each time.   Surprisingly, so far I have only found one tiny toyboy poop on my pillow.  I would prefer a mint but I am not complaining….

Day one of only Phineas & Thomas in the lounge resulted in Phineas knocking about the room all day by himself whilst Thomas chose to stay in the Ferplast.  Here is Phineas having a shout & I suspect ordering Thomas to come out & join him:

However, come late afternoon, Thomas emerged.  Phineas got very excited to have some company:

Thomas was only interested in having a bath though:

However, after he had dunked himself in the water, he seemed happier to socialise: 

During the evening they settled on the playgym together.  Unfortunately, they both seemed to have forgotten where their homes were, so as it got quite late, I had to grab them & pop them in their respective cages.

Thomas & Phineas snoozing on the playgym
Thomas & Phineas snoozing on the playgym

That was the routine for the next 3 days… Phineas came out & had to entertain himself until around 5pm, when Thomas came out, had a bath & was then ready for socialising.

So far, so good.  All is calm