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A Spontaneous Sleepover

Having recently posted about the musical cages situation, somehow, a few days later, they all ended up together in the Manor.  It was getting late in the evening & they were beginning to snooze.  In fact Cagney & Bezukhov retired to their usual bedtime perches in the loft area.  Both Phineas & Thomas stayed on the perch a level below.  Would they be sleeping overnight together??

20130613_153548_sh2120130613_144110_sh21As it got later, I partially covered them, ready for bed, but I left their front door open in case any of them changed their minds, but no, they were all settled.  When I finally went to bed myself, I quietly closed their door & wished them goodnight.  Naturally, I set my alarm to go off extra early so I could assess the situation as soon as possible the next morning…

Did they manage to sleep together overnight in the Manor??


The next morning, I heard twittering before I entered the room which was a good sign – no squawking or shouting. They were already awake & starting to move around & cause trouble (I suspect). Looking at poop patterns, there was not any movement overnight so that suggested they slept well.

Thomas attempted to have breakfast but Cagney was harassing him (kept wanting to give him a kiss) but I noticed at one point that Bezukhov sat near Thomas like a sentry, barring Cagney, albeit temporarily.

20130613_144208_sh21I opened their door pretty early.  Surprisingly, it was Bezukhov who ran out first.  He sat on the cage bars, looking down on Phineas, Cagney & Thomas all sat together on the perch, virtually eyeball to eyeball, most probably discussing who is the handsomest of them all & not coming to an agreement….

All was good but I have concerns about Thomas as I feel he is a little uncomfortable & not entirely happy. Cagney is giving him attention constantly. (Ironically, Cagney is behaving a little like Phineas has been behaving towards him so you would think he would know how irritating that can be!)

So, has the pattern been set for them to spend every night all together in the Manor?

6 responses to “A Spontaneous Sleepover

  1. sisteranan 4 July 2013 at 02:56

    Your boys are all so gorgeous!


  2. rosebudgie 4 July 2013 at 08:21

    I LOVE that third pic of three little fluff-balls … But poor Mr P: always seems to be on the outside looking in …


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