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VeGducating Thomas: Carrot & Broccoli





Thomas, as the new boy, most probably does not have much, if any, experience of eating vegetables or fruit.  My hope was that he would simply copy the others when they are eating their vegetables.  That budgie need to “have what the others have” can come in handy some times. 🙂

The first vegetables he encountered were carrots & broccoli.  This was in the days before he ventured out of the Ferplast.   I pegged up a little carrot & on one of Bezukhov’s visits to Thomas’s cage, he nibbled on it & that was enough to get Thomas interested & he soon had to try it for himself.  The same thing happened with the broccoli.  Result!

5 responses to “VeGducating Thomas: Carrot & Broccoli

  1. rosebudgie 13 July 2013 at 10:56

    Thomas is clearly a bird of great intelligence! I hope he does not follow the sausages’ example of shredding broccoli all over the mini manor (and outside it).


  2. sisteranan 13 July 2013 at 11:30

    Look at that cheeky lil boy digging in! And i’m sure his plumage is the better for it, too!


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