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Daily Archives: 14 July 2013

n-body problem

The n-body problem, also known as many-body problem or multiple-body problem, defines the gravitational attraction of multiple bodies & has plagued mathematicians and physicists for more than a century.

I will refer to others who are far more intelligent on this subject, specifically this website, suite101.com, & link the research to what has been happening here (my comments in blue).

Isaac Newton published his rather simple equation for universal gravitation in 1687.  The force of gravity between two objects decreases in an inverse proportion to the square of the distance between them.  Uh huh… Fair enough.

Simple as this may seem, what happens when a third object is added into the mix?   Third object = Phineas.

Could it be as simple as just adding another variable to Newton’s equation?  Of course not.   Certainly not where Phineas is concerned.

The three body problem, in fact, turns out to be so very difficult that it has stumped mathematicians and physicists alike for centuries now – ever since Newton’s original equation first arrived on the scene.  And I thought *I* could solve it???

As difficult as the three-body problem is, it is almost indescribably simple compared to the problems created by adding further bodies to the equation.   Further bodies = Thomas.

Multiple Bodies and Chaos  Uh huh… that’s what I have here…

What is the reason for these difficulties?  Very good question.

Simply put, anything more than two bodies in a system, and the solution can very quickly turn into one best exemplified by Chaos Theory.  That explains it perfectly.  Chaos.  Mayhem.  It’s all here.  I have a lounge demonstrating this.

Multiple bodies cause perturbations on each other which, while perhaps small and miniscule at first, become compounded as more time passes, quickly multiplying the variety of possible outcomes by an exponential degree.  Ok, ya lost me here.  But still, Chaos Theory?  Cool… It’s in my lounge!