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Getting closer?

After about a week of Phineas & Thomas having the lounge to themselves (see Separation post), I was stunned to see Phineas preening Thomas!  They were both sat on the window perch.  I looked up from the laptop where I was working & could not believe my eyes.  I grabbed the camera & quickly started filming:

My little grey man was grown up enough to interpret that Thomas wanted his chops preened.  A little later, they were on the playgym & I saw Phineas preening Thomas again.  Out came the camera:

Who knew that Phineas had it in him?!

What is more, that same day, Thomas found his way into Phinny’s cage!  I think Phineas was a little surprised to see Thomas sat there on his perch & then Thomas eating his seed, but he took it in his stride.

Was Thomas going to stay overnight in Phinny’s home?

Of course he did!

 Both appeared quite content the next morning. 🙂

8 responses to “Getting closer?

  1. Samwise 25 July 2013 at 07:58

    Awww bless him, this is magic! Phinny is learning to be a REAL budgie. Brilliant news! 😀


  2. rosebudgie 25 July 2013 at 08:48

    That is such a beautiful love story – dear Mr P!


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