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n-body problem

The n-body problem, also known as many-body problem or multiple-body problem, defines the gravitational attraction of multiple bodies & has plagued mathematicians and physicists for more than a century.

I will refer to others who are far more intelligent on this subject, specifically this website, suite101.com, & link the research to what has been happening here (my comments in blue).

Isaac Newton published his rather simple equation for universal gravitation in 1687.  The force of gravity between two objects decreases in an inverse proportion to the square of the distance between them.  Uh huh… Fair enough.

Simple as this may seem, what happens when a third object is added into the mix?   Third object = Phineas.

Could it be as simple as just adding another variable to Newton’s equation?  Of course not.   Certainly not where Phineas is concerned.

The three body problem, in fact, turns out to be so very difficult that it has stumped mathematicians and physicists alike for centuries now – ever since Newton’s original equation first arrived on the scene.  And I thought *I* could solve it???

As difficult as the three-body problem is, it is almost indescribably simple compared to the problems created by adding further bodies to the equation.   Further bodies = Thomas.

Multiple Bodies and Chaos  Uh huh… that’s what I have here…

What is the reason for these difficulties?  Very good question.

Simply put, anything more than two bodies in a system, and the solution can very quickly turn into one best exemplified by Chaos Theory.  That explains it perfectly.  Chaos.  Mayhem.  It’s all here.  I have a lounge demonstrating this.

Multiple bodies cause perturbations on each other which, while perhaps small and miniscule at first, become compounded as more time passes, quickly multiplying the variety of possible outcomes by an exponential degree.  Ok, ya lost me here.  But still, Chaos Theory?  Cool… It’s in my lounge!


VeGducating Thomas: Carrot & Broccoli





Thomas, as the new boy, most probably does not have much, if any, experience of eating vegetables or fruit.  My hope was that he would simply copy the others when they are eating their vegetables.  That budgie need to “have what the others have” can come in handy some times. 🙂

The first vegetables he encountered were carrots & broccoli.  This was in the days before he ventured out of the Ferplast.   I pegged up a little carrot & on one of Bezukhov’s visits to Thomas’s cage, he nibbled on it & that was enough to get Thomas interested & he soon had to try it for himself.  The same thing happened with the broccoli.  Result!

In the meantime…

In the meantime, fresh wild, seeded grass has still been arriving.  Ian & Marshall (The Sharing Sausages) & rosebudgie have been most generous.  Interestingly, since the last parcels, Ian has acquired a qualification.  He is now a doctor & what is more, a doctor in “Avian Psychotherapy“.   After recent events, I may need to book an appointment with him & see if he can advise on how to manage two toyboys, one little grey man & one handsome dude.

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Thank you for the yummy grass, Doctor Ian!

A mad day of fighting and flirting

Who knew that flirting could cause such mayhem.  Indeed, cause such fighting… 😦

They were all out.  Cagney & Bezukhov were chasing Thomas, wanting to flirt with him.  Phineas chased Thomas to fight with him.  Thomas wanted a little flirt with Cagney but Bezukhov wanted to flirt too & of course Phineas was incensed that Thomas appeared to be taking Cagney away from him.

As Phineas was actually out to fight & not flirt, I grabbed him first & put him back in his cage.  This should ease things.  However, without Phineas, it seemed Cagney & Bezukhov were more likely to fight with each other, over Thomas.  It was just chaotic, as can be seen from this shameful video:

As it was easier to catch Cagney & Bezukhov, (Thomas is still suspicious of my hands) I managed to grab Cagney & put him in Thomas’s cage, (the Ferplast has small doors so it was easier to keep him in).  I then grabbed Bezukhov & put him in with Cagney.  The two of them carried on fighting for a few moments, rolling around the floor, but as they were now separated from Thomas, quickly ran out of steam & finally managed to compose themselves.

This left Thomas out on his own.

Peace reigned, albeit temporarily.  He briefly went in the Manor for seed, but otherwise, settled first on Phinny’s cage for a preen, then on the Ferplast.

After a few hours I quietly opened the Ferplast door.  Bezukhov came out first.  He had a blast with Thomas.  They were running around & flirting & getting on very well together:

At an opportune moment I managed to lock Bezukhov in the Manor & then Cagney came out of the Ferplast.  Thomas, was more than happy to have a flirt with him:

Again, at an opportune moment, I managed to also lock Cagney in the Manor with Bezukhov.  This left Thomas free to go back to his own home.  Alone.

In the odd calm moment, I could not help but be reminded of one of my earlier post “Who’s chasing me??“.  With all the shenanigans, still no one was chasing Phineas….

At the end of that day I was left confused about the best thing to do next….

The Thomas Bath

Thomas loves taking a bath.

If he could, I am sure he would have a bath every day.  The others do not take a bath so this is good evidence that how to take a bath must be in the genes.  I am sure some birds can be shown & encouraged but in Thomas’s case, this was not necessary.

In honour of Thomas & his clean ways, I have christened the new bath The Thomas Bath. 🙂

Going around in circles

With all the comings & goings and switching of cages & fleeting changes of affection, it has all been a bit confusing here.  Sadly, Phineas has reacted by going around in circles….

I have been tempted to join him…

It was a one-off

It appears that the spontaneous sleepover that I previously reported on, was a one-off.  Unfortunately, soon after, I had to be out most of the day so had to go back to the usual 3 cage bedtime routine as I did not trust having them all in the same cage overnight AND during the day.

So, Thomas returned to his own home. Phineas returned to his own home & Cagney & Bezukhov returned to the Manor.  That is a simple enough arrangement, however, Cagney & Bezukhov decided to throw a spanner in the works & at bedtime decide to perch on pegs hanging off Thomas’s cage. I have to wait until they are so tired that they will not protest when I take them back to their own home. They will not go back themselves because if one goes back for food, he thinks the other is flirting with Thomas & we cannot have that.


A Spontaneous Sleepover

Having recently posted about the musical cages situation, somehow, a few days later, they all ended up together in the Manor.  It was getting late in the evening & they were beginning to snooze.  In fact Cagney & Bezukhov retired to their usual bedtime perches in the loft area.  Both Phineas & Thomas stayed on the perch a level below.  Would they be sleeping overnight together??

20130613_153548_sh2120130613_144110_sh21As it got later, I partially covered them, ready for bed, but I left their front door open in case any of them changed their minds, but no, they were all settled.  When I finally went to bed myself, I quietly closed their door & wished them goodnight.  Naturally, I set my alarm to go off extra early so I could assess the situation as soon as possible the next morning…

Did they manage to sleep together overnight in the Manor??

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Who is the roundest of them all?

Sometimes these boys look exceedingly fluffy & alarmingly puffed up. 🙂

I know who I think is the roundest.  Here he is putting his case forward: