The Toyboys Return

Cagney & Bezukhov have been in my bedroom for about a month (see Separation post).  In some ways it can be viewed as being on the “naughty step”, & though this makes sense with Cagney, I hesitate to tar Bezukhov with the same brush.  Why one month?  When I separated them I did not have a set time in mind – I thought I would go with the flow.  As the toyboys have been quite settled in my bedroom, it was easy to keep them there.

Nevertheless, they had to return to the lounge (& Phineas & Thomas) one day & the time had come.

I wheeled the Manor in to much shouting, chirping, cheeping & jumping up & down.  From all of them.  It was good to see the excitement of them all being together again. 

However, my plan was to keep them locked up for at least a day so they could talk to each other & hopefully the novelty would wear off so that when it is time to unleash the hounds budgies, there will be no fighting.  (I can dream).

Of them all, predictably, Bezukhov appeared the most level-headed.  Though he contributed an equal share of exuberance, he recovered quickly & took to going about his normal daily business of preening & eating.  He even returned to his soapbox (the platform perch) & spent ages putting the world to rights, most probably making up for the time spent in the wilderness bedroom.  (The perch had not gone away, but clearly its soapbox status depends on which room it is in).

Cagney, as usual, was inciting chaos through the bars.  Though I had hoped a month on the naughty step (bedroom) would teach him that causing trouble is not acceptable, I was secretly pleased to see the mischievous glint in his eye was still there.

Phineas was over the moon to see Cagney was back.  He did not know what to do with himself so just basically ran around & jumped & (just the once) belly bumped Thomas off the perch.

Thomas also looked happy to see the toyboys & copied Phineas in how to express his pleasure.  I even saw him run up & down the cage floor which he has never done, though it is a staple behaviour of Phinny.

So, not only had the toyboys returned, but the noise had too.  I had forgotten how much noisier four are compared to two.  Once again, when on the phone, the person on the other end would ask if I was in a pet shop?!

For the time being all is well.  What will happen when they are unlocked & unleashed, I really do not know!

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