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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Disappearing act & a lesson learnt

The other day, Bezukhov did a disappearing act on me.

All four were out & flying about.   I was standing facing the manor.  They all took off & were doing laps & returning to the manor…  only this time, just 3 returned.  I assumed Bezukhov had stopped off at the ferplast, or the playgym or the window perch.  However, something concerned me & I turned to check.  I scanned those familiar locations but he was not there.

Maybe he is inside the ferplast? I stooped & peered in.  No.  Maybe he actually very quietly returned to the manor behind my back?  No.  Eating seed inside the manor?  No.  Playgym again?  No.  Gone inside Phinny & Thomas’s cage?  No.  Behind the playgym?  No.  I hadn’t heard a thump or anything but was he on the floor?  No.   By this time I was seriously worried.  BEZUKHOV!  BEZUKHOV!  BEZUKHOV!

I scanned the room frantically & then finally, I saw the curtain twitching.  Somehow he had managed to get behind the curtain.  How, I do not know.  I moved the curtain & put my hand out to him & he stepped on.  My lovely Bezukhov was fine.


I’m fine, Mama!

This incident reminded me of something similar that happened to the puddings…

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Remembering my girls: The first video

On this day, 5 years ago, I brought my two girls back home from the breeder.  Little did I know the impact they would have on me. 🙂

I would like to share the first video I took of them a few days after they had settled in:

They were just 8 weeks old & you can see how young they look from their colouring (Raspy was still blue) & still black beaks.  The video starts off with Raspy attempting to preen Atilla but Atilla is not keen when Raspy preens down her back, so moves away.  Raspy then goes on to chew the perch &, tellingly, Atilla is on the alert, looking around the room.  She showed leadership potential so early.

VeGducating Thomas: Beetroot

Continuing in the VeGducating Thomas series, I am happy to report that Thomas is also partial to a beetroot stalk.

I class beetroot as a hard-core vegetable.  It is a reddish, purple colour.  That alone puts it into the high-risk category.  I pegged an innocent, though scary-looking stalk in Thomas & Phinny’s cage & sat back to watch events unfold.  It did not take Thomas long to investigate this strange thing.  In fact, the brave boy went ahead & tasted it.  I believe he liked what he tasted.  Later on, when he was out & about, he discovered another piece on top of the cage & had to try that too.

This bravery was undertaken before seeing the others try it.  I was pretty impressed.

Phineas did have a brief lick but did not embrace the stalk like Thomas did.  It has been awhile since I have offered beetroot to Cagney & Bezukhov (see post All Things Pink) but once presented with the stalk I was pleased it did not take them too long to remember that they used to like sucking the juice out of it.



Considering all the years I have sat below one of the most popular flight paths, I have got off very lightly.  This was to all change.  It took just seconds for me to be pooped on….. twice!  Phineas & Thomas were the perpetrators.  No sooner had I been pooped on my hand, the other poop landed on my leg.  Double whammy.  No time to run for cover.  I am thankful they were not bouncing poops – the damage could have been worse.

Attack on hand

Attack on hand

Attack on leg

Attack on leg

Squadron PT : 2

Human : 0

Sleep talking

Budgies can sometimes make snoozing look like hard work.  Here is Thomas having a sleep-talk:

Remembering Atilla: One year on

One year ago today, our leader Atilla had to leave us.  Far too soon.

So much has changed since her passing.  The biggest change is that we now have Phineas & Thomas.   The flock dynamics are completely different.  The main difference is that there is not a flock leader (most probably why we have chaos).  Many’s the time I wonder what she would do if confronted with the insubordination we now routinely have.  But then, if she was around, all would be in order anyway!

I can honestly say that not a day goes by when I do not think of her.


The above is one of my favourite photos of her sleeping, but, of course, still keeping an eye on things.


VeGducating Thomas: Cucumber

Continuing in the VeGducating Thomas series, I am happy to report that Thomas is also partial to cucumber.  I think it was a welcome vegetable during the recent hot weather we have had – nice & cool & fresh.

Thomas did have some help from Phineas, as you can see from these photos….


Complicated combinations

Previously, I had posted on the Toyboys Return, but had not unlocked or unleashed any of the miscreants lovelies.

Since then, I have been letting them out in one’s or two’s or even three’s but not four’s.

There are certain timings & combinations which seem to work reasonably well.

Firstly, it is worth pointing out that Thomas can go a long, long, long time without having to eat.  (Water is always available from the Thomas Bath).  This quirk of his unfortunately can go against him as once he is out, he generally does not go back home until absolutely famished at (appropriately) bedtime.  However, if he is let out too late in the day, he will have eaten later & so the need to sleep will overtake the need to eat.  This means there have been about 3 nights when I have had to catch him in order to get him home for bed.

Usually, I let out Cagney & Bezukhov first.  They have a little fly & a mooch around.  Bezukhov likes to sit in the Ferplast which is now the spare, chill-out cage.

After awhile, I may let Phineas out.  We will have the usual situation where Phineas turns into Cagney’s shadow.  However, it is pretty much guaranteed that there will be no fights.

The other alternative is that Cagney & Bezukhov go back home to the manor & I let both Phineas & Thomas out.  This combination is not as calm as the previous one.   Phineas & Thomas both seek Cagney’s attention through the cage bars & at times, this can result in a fight.  Thomas is very keen to flirt with Cagney but that makes Phineas jealous.

So, in summary we have the following:

Fight_combination_tableFight Combination Table 1

Keep Fit with Phinny

Phineas still does not have an off switch.  He is usually on the go.  We thought we would harness this energy & produce a fitness video.  Here is our first attempt:

As you can see, Phinny is demonstrating the Figure Of Eight step from perch to seed pot.  He devised this himself.  This is perhaps not wise for a beginner but best for those with intermediate or advanced experience.  It helps if the seed pot is not actually in use as a…. well… a seed pot…. as stopping to let someone (Thomas!) eat can interfere with the rhythm of the exercise.

To keep momentum it is advisable to have motivation & Phinny’s motivation is Cagney.