Complicated combinations

Previously, I had posted on the Toyboys Return, but had not unlocked or unleashed any of the miscreants lovelies.

Since then, I have been letting them out in one’s or two’s or even three’s but not four’s.

There are certain timings & combinations which seem to work reasonably well.

Firstly, it is worth pointing out that Thomas can go a long, long, long time without having to eat.  (Water is always available from the Thomas Bath).  This quirk of his unfortunately can go against him as once he is out, he generally does not go back home until absolutely famished at (appropriately) bedtime.  However, if he is let out too late in the day, he will have eaten later & so the need to sleep will overtake the need to eat.  This means there have been about 3 nights when I have had to catch him in order to get him home for bed.

Usually, I let out Cagney & Bezukhov first.  They have a little fly & a mooch around.  Bezukhov likes to sit in the Ferplast which is now the spare, chill-out cage.

After awhile, I may let Phineas out.  We will have the usual situation where Phineas turns into Cagney’s shadow.  However, it is pretty much guaranteed that there will be no fights.

The other alternative is that Cagney & Bezukhov go back home to the manor & I let both Phineas & Thomas out.  This combination is not as calm as the previous one.   Phineas & Thomas both seek Cagney’s attention through the cage bars & at times, this can result in a fight.  Thomas is very keen to flirt with Cagney but that makes Phineas jealous.

So, in summary we have the following:

Fight_combination_tableFight Combination Table 1

7 thoughts on “Complicated combinations

  1. rosebudgie

    It’s difficult to believe those beautiful boys would do any fighting from their pictures: looks like butter wouldn’t melt in their feathery mouths!


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