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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Antibiotics, wheezing & toenails

Over a week ago, Thomas was prescribed antibiotics (Baytril) for an infection.  This was added to the water & he has been drinking it.  There should have been an improvement in a few days, however, on around the sixth day, I contacted the vet to say there was no change.  He suggested an alternative antibiotic (Septrin Paediatric Susp) to be administered by beak once every two days.

This I did for poor Thomas.  Well, I attempted to do it.  The first time I was not sure how much, if any, I managed to give him.  The second time, Thomas was smart & decided not to open his beak.  It was clamped shut.  I was holding him firmly (though his head could move) & we eyeballed each other for what seemed like an eternity, waiting to see who would crack first.  He finally opened his beak to bite my finger & I tried again to give him a drop of medicine.  Who knows how much he actually took.  He certainly took a little chunk out of my finger.  Perhaps the taste of blood would cancel out the taste of the nasty medicine.

On the third occasion, I was a bit more prepared & felt confident he had a proper dose.

However, after 3 doses, there was no change.  His poops looked exactly the same.  There was nothing for it, I called in the troops….. Read more of this post

Beetroot fever

“Beetroot fever” is perhaps an exaggeration, but it is gratifying to see my four boys tucking into a beetroot stalk without having the usual initial reservations, over something that is, in all honesty, a very scary colour.

Progress on pinnies

Bezukhov is still looking rough.  The pin feathers on his head are looking fat & uncomfortable.  Yesterday it looked like he had a red patch on his head but when I looked closer I could see it was just the blood in the feathers.  Poor boy.

Cagney is confusing things!

So, we have some general confusion here.

  • Cagney & Bezukhov are basically like an old married couple.  They are together, flirt & have “bonding sessions”, but do not go as far as hanky-panky or regurgitating to each other.
  • Bezukhov can get a bit put out if Cagney flirts with Thomas.
  • Phineas & Thomas tolerate each other as long as the other is not flirting with Cagney.
  • Thomas loves Cagney & Cagney is prepared to experiment with Thomas.
  • Phineas loves Cagney but Cagney is not interested in him…..


………………………. or is he???




Recently, Cagney, Bezukhov & Phineas were out & about.  Thomas was still locked in.  Phineas was having his usual jiggy session on my hand.  Sometimes Cagney investigates as I think he does not like to miss out on anything.  However, this time, Cagney responded.  Phinny was bumping & grinding on my hand & Cagney, sat on my thumb, was doing kissy-kissy with Phinny!  Ooo-er!

When Phineas had finished his “job”, Cagney carried on with the flirting & the two of them had a little run around together.  In fact, I saw Cagney put his foot on Phinny’s back!

Now, I was delighted to see that Phineas was getting something back from Cagney.  I mean, he has been chasing him since around last November, with no result.  My joy did not last though, as I remembered how fickle Cagney can be.  As expected, when Thomas came out to play, Cagney made a beeline for him & they flirted heavily.

What about Phineas?  How confusing for the poor boy.

Thomas back in the travel cage

Just recently I have been concerned with Thomas’s poops.  The white bits have been looking yellow.  Yesterday he seemed a bit lethargic too.  A visit to the vet was in order & that happened today.

Last night I put some white paper in his cage to catch some overnight poops.  Today, I transferred it to the travel cage so the vet could see his stress-free poops (assuming poops done whilst in the travel cage may be extra abnormal due to stress).  After giving me the runaround, I managed to get Thomas & transfer him to the travel cage.  It was about an hour before the appointment so I popped the cage on top of the ferplast, in a nice sunny spot, by the window.  Thomas seemed to settle quite quickly.

Only Phineas was out at this point.  He largely ignored Thomas in the travel cage & focused on monitoring Cagney.  However, he did wander over briefly at one point & peered across from the safety of his own cage.

(Click on photos to enlarge)

When the time came, I carried Thomas off to the exotic vet.  Fortunately, he is temporarily practicing at the surgery just around the corner so I could simply walk Thomas there.  It was indeed a quick & simple walk but by a main road, so Thomas would have heard all the hustle & bustle & police car sirens (they could have waited until Thomas was safely at the vet’s!)

At the vet, whilst we waited, I took some of his covers off & could see he was stressed by the journey.  Poor boy.

Mr Vet examined some fresh poop under a microscope & confirmed there was bacteria & therefore Thomas had an infection.  He also gave him a prod & a poke & felt able to rule out any other causes, primary or secondary, for the infection.  We thought it may have been brought on by stress through his living circumstances (fights).

The short-term solution is a course of Baytril.

On our return home, I popped Thomas, in his travel cage, back on top of the ferplast & within moments he was back to normal & jumping around.  He must have been so relieved to return to a familiar place.  Not least a place with Cagney in.

I was not sure what to do next.  Whilst thinking about it, I made up some water with the antibiotic & put it in his cage, hoping he would take a slurp.  I then decided I would put him in the ferplast for some rest & recuperation.  I put some fresh seed in, millet, his medicated water & some broccoli, hoping to make him feel comfortable.  He seemed quite relaxed & spent a lot of time preening.  He ate some millet & some broccoli but I did not see him drink any water.

Later this evening, coming up to bedtime, Thomas got very restless & started going down to the door of the ferplast.  He wanted out!  What to do?  Well, I let him out!  Rightly or wrongly.  He immediately flew over to see Cagney, but then went & sat on the perch near Phinny.  I sensed he wanted to go back home but was out of routine & did not know how to.  After a little runaround, I managed to catch him & put him back in with Phineas.  And then put the medicated water that was in the travel cage, then in the ferplast, into their cage…

All is back to normal again.

I just wish he would drink his water though.  Still, tomorrow is another day…

A hiccuping Cagney

Sometimes, one of the gang will get the hiccups.  Well, it is not really hiccups in the human sense, but it does look like it.  In reality they are probably just trying to dislodge a stuck seed.

Here is Cagney having a “hiccup”:

You can see that Bezukhov was a bit irritated by Cagney, but in his defence his moult made him temporarily less tolerant.  Fortunately, this hiccuping episode was over quickly for Cagney.  In fact he stopped when I put the camera down which then begs the question…. was he putting it on?!

Seed junkies

budgie seed 1On occasion, I have temporarily replaced the boys seed with vegetables.  The reason for this is two-fold:

  1. It forces them to eat more vegetables!
  2. It means that Thomas can come out & once I replace the vegetables with seed in his cage, he will go in, giving me more control over his comings & goings if time is short.

canary seedAnyway, on Saturday, before I went out, I replaced their seed with vegetables.  This was around midday.  I returned by about 4pm & was able to let them out around half an hour later.

What a kerfuffle!  Where was the seed?  It was quite comical watching them look for seed.  I could not give in & give them seed as I wanted Thomas to have some exercise before going back home.  In the meantime I watched something along the lines of the following:

Cagney: Bezooks, did you see any seed in their cage?

Bezukhov: Nope.  I poked my nose in but they have vegetables just like us.  I contemplated going in the Ferplast to investigate but there isn’t usually seed in there.  Let’s have a doze in the loft area & hopefully when we wake the seed will have returned.

A few minutes later….

Thomas: Phinny dude, they have vegetables like us.

Phineas: I know Tom, I checked just moments ago whilst you were monitoring Cagney.  Maybe there’s some in our cage now?  [Goes to check]

Phineas: Nope, Tom.  In fact the pots where the vegetables were have been removed.  Does this mean we won’t have any food at all??

Thomas: Let me check.  [Goes to check]  You’re right, the pots have gone but the vegetables have reappeared in the dishes on the cage floor.  Have Caggers & Bezuky’s seed returned yet?

Phineas: Nope.  No change in the manor.  What’s going on?  It’s like some Twilight zone with no seed.  What’s gonna happen to us?

Thomas: I suggest we keep a close eye on Cagney as I bet he knows where there is some seed but is biding his time going to it. [Phineas & Thomas monitor Cagney whilst he sleeps]

Seed pots returned to Phineas & Thomas’s cage.  I go into kitchen to get Cagney & Bezukhov’s seed & return to find Thomas already eating his seed & Cagney & Bezukhov, wide awake, crowded around the open cage door:

Bezukhov: Thomas is eating SEED!  He has SEED!

Cagney: How comes?!  Shall we go in & eat from the other pot?

Phineas: Outta ma way!  That’s my home & there’s seed in it!  Dang!  Mama has closed the door!

Bezukhov: Wait a minute…. seed pots are being returned to the Manor!

Cagney & Phineas rush to eat from the two pots I have put in the manor.  I get the third pot & whilst I am still holding it, Bezukhov jumps on before I have a chance to put it in the cage.

Quiet descends.

Apart from the cracking of seeds.

budgie seed 2

Things are hotting up

Cagney & Thomas have been flirting heavily.  Thomas is trying very hard with Cagney but it does not take Cagney long to respond.  I even spied Cagney jump on Thomas’s back.  As you can see below, I filmed it too!

Thomas was surprised by this development but I doubt that it put him off.

What is Cagney thinking?  Is this serious or is it just a fling?  The last back he jumped on was Atilla’s, his beloved & his leader.

Boiled egg treat

It has been a little while, but since Bezukhov’s moult has hit him hard, I decided some boiled egg was in order.  Both toyboys happily tucked into their treat.  Cagney more so than Bezukhov…

Thomas managed to eat some too, in passing.  He really is very good at trying new food. 🙂

Bezukhov is moulting

For over a week now, Bezukhov has been moulting quite heavily.  Apart from the obvious sign of lots of feathers being around, he has been looking rather tatty.  His belly is mottled & not smooth like it usually is.  His little face is pinny & looks ragged.

He is also under the weather & not as perky as he usually is.  In fact, he has not bothered with his morning grumble at speaker’s corner (platform perch).  That alone alerted me to the fact that he was not quite himself.

I hope he pulls out of it soon.  The others have lost a few feathers here & there but nothing to the extent that Bezukhov has.

(Click on pictures to enlarge)