Return of the play gym

Bezukhov & Cagney on the playgym
Bezukhov & Cagney on the playgym

The play gym has been on walkabout in recent months.  When Thomas, in the third cage, arrived in the lounge, the play gym had to be relocated in my bedroom.   There was a few weeks when the toyboys stayed in my bedroom & that time the play gym returned to the lounge.  On the toyboys return to the lounge the play gym was once again relegated to my bedroom.

It seemed a shame to not be using it, so I removed the top from the base & placed it on top of the ferplast.  Naturally it was ignored for a few days but then Cagney sat on it & the floodgates were open & now it is a regular haunt for all of them during their out-of-cage time.

(The base is still in my bedroom though!)

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