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Daily Archives: 17 October 2013

Thomas back in the travel cage

Just recently I have been concerned with Thomas’s poops.  The white bits have been looking yellow.  Yesterday he seemed a bit lethargic too.  A visit to the vet was in order & that happened today.

Last night I put some white paper in his cage to catch some overnight poops.  Today, I transferred it to the travel cage so the vet could see his stress-free poops (assuming poops done whilst in the travel cage may be extra abnormal due to stress).  After giving me the runaround, I managed to get Thomas & transfer him to the travel cage.  It was about an hour before the appointment so I popped the cage on top of the ferplast, in a nice sunny spot, by the window.  Thomas seemed to settle quite quickly.

Only Phineas was out at this point.  He largely ignored Thomas in the travel cage & focused on monitoring Cagney.  However, he did wander over briefly at one point & peered across from the safety of his own cage.

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When the time came, I carried Thomas off to the exotic vet.  Fortunately, he is temporarily practicing at the surgery just around the corner so I could simply walk Thomas there.  It was indeed a quick & simple walk but by a main road, so Thomas would have heard all the hustle & bustle & police car sirens (they could have waited until Thomas was safely at the vet’s!)

At the vet, whilst we waited, I took some of his covers off & could see he was stressed by the journey.  Poor boy.

Mr Vet examined some fresh poop under a microscope & confirmed there was bacteria & therefore Thomas had an infection.  He also gave him a prod & a poke & felt able to rule out any other causes, primary or secondary, for the infection.  We thought it may have been brought on by stress through his living circumstances (fights).

The short-term solution is a course of Baytril.

On our return home, I popped Thomas, in his travel cage, back on top of the ferplast & within moments he was back to normal & jumping around.  He must have been so relieved to return to a familiar place.  Not least a place with Cagney in.

I was not sure what to do next.  Whilst thinking about it, I made up some water with the antibiotic & put it in his cage, hoping he would take a slurp.  I then decided I would put him in the ferplast for some rest & recuperation.  I put some fresh seed in, millet, his medicated water & some broccoli, hoping to make him feel comfortable.  He seemed quite relaxed & spent a lot of time preening.  He ate some millet & some broccoli but I did not see him drink any water.

Later this evening, coming up to bedtime, Thomas got very restless & started going down to the door of the ferplast.  He wanted out!  What to do?  Well, I let him out!  Rightly or wrongly.  He immediately flew over to see Cagney, but then went & sat on the perch near Phinny.  I sensed he wanted to go back home but was out of routine & did not know how to.  After a little runaround, I managed to catch him & put him back in with Phineas.  And then put the medicated water that was in the travel cage, then in the ferplast, into their cage…

All is back to normal again.

I just wish he would drink his water though.  Still, tomorrow is another day…