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Antibiotics, wheezing & toenails

Over a week ago, Thomas was prescribed antibiotics (Baytril) for an infection.  This was added to the water & he has been drinking it.  There should have been an improvement in a few days, however, on around the sixth day, I contacted the vet to say there was no change.  He suggested an alternative antibiotic (Septrin Paediatric Susp) to be administered by beak once every two days.

This I did for poor Thomas.  Well, I attempted to do it.  The first time I was not sure how much, if any, I managed to give him.  The second time, Thomas was smart & decided not to open his beak.  It was clamped shut.  I was holding him firmly (though his head could move) & we eyeballed each other for what seemed like an eternity, waiting to see who would crack first.  He finally opened his beak to bite my finger & I tried again to give him a drop of medicine.  Who knows how much he actually took.  He certainly took a little chunk out of my finger.  Perhaps the taste of blood would cancel out the taste of the nasty medicine.

On the third occasion, I was a bit more prepared & felt confident he had a proper dose.

However, after 3 doses, there was no change.  His poops looked exactly the same.  There was nothing for it, I called in the troops….. Mr Exotic Vet & his assistant.

I specifically requested a home visit as by this time I also had some concerns about Phineas as occasionally he was opening his beak in a strange manner.  Also, Cagney’s front toenails were getting long again; the other evening he got one caught in the bedtime cover.  Lastly, I wanted to minimize stress for Thomas.

So, Mr EV visited today.  He examined Thomas again.  He is still convinced it is an infection without any sinister or major causes.  I asked him to check Thomas’s vent area because at times it has looked like he has “isolated fluffing” there.  Mr EV said that area was inflamed & red, probably due to the watery poops.

He said he would look into medication & get back to me.

Phineas was next.  Mr EV examined him & said he was definitely wheezing.  He would also sort out medication for him.

Then Cagney.  He tried to catch him in the Manor, but Cagney snuck out the bottom of the cage door.  Catching Cagney in the room was going to be virtually impossible.  Bezukhov joined his mate too.  Both of them were whizzing around shouting.  At one point I managed to get Cagney to step up & I quickly put him in the manor.  Mr EV tried to catch him again, but Cagney slipped out the bottom of the cage door, again!  Both him & Bezukhov were flying around taunting us now!  When Cagney was catching his breath, I got him to step up again & got him into the manor & this time Mr EV finally got him.  Just before this point I was wondering if his toenails were really worth the hassle…… But I am glad they are now a safer length.

After Mr EV departed, all were locked in & left to recover from the ordeal (myself included).

During the afternoon, though, when all let out, Phineas & Thomas gravitated to the Manor.  Or to be more precise, inside the manor.  For quite a few hours, they all seemed relatively settled in the top part of the cage.  Granted that Cagney is moulting & not his usual lively self…. & Phineas is not his usual self due to the “wheezing” & the absence of wanting to jiggy…. & Thomas is not himself due to the infection & starting a moult.  Bezukhov is much more himself & is over the worst of his moult but is still not yet 100% handsome.

There was occasional shuffling about with mostly Bezukhov steering clear of Phineas & Thomas.  They all ate in the Manor too, although it was staggered.  I left them to it & even wondered if they would spend the night all together.  This has only happened once before – as blogged here.  There were moments when Phineas gave Thomas a little thump though & I was not happy at the thought of leaving them all locked in together, so at bedtime, I got Phineas & Thomas back to their own cage.  I think Cagney & Bezukhov were relieved to have all of the Manor to themselves again, but they had been very good at sharing it.

Strangely enough, shortly after Phineas & Thomas were back in their own cage, I noticed Phineas preen Thomas!  I was very surprised.  This had previously only happened when the toyboys were living in my bedroom.  It was very brief.  I noticed Thomas offered his cheek & fluffed it up.  I believe it was the side that some sticky medication had dribbled the previous evening so I think his request was quite specific.  I saw Phinny preen those feathers about three times, then he ran off to claim his swing for the night.

So, all are now safely tucked up in bed after an eventful day.

(Click on photos to enlarge)

9 responses to “Antibiotics, wheezing & toenails

  1. avianstudent 29 October 2013 at 23:22

    Aww, no, sounds like a difficult day for all! I’ve had medicating troubles before too, and have had mild success using Ribena to syringe-train the birds. I don’t know how well the lads would take to it, but Ptak loves the stuff.

    That bite looks sore, too, ouch! Hope the boys feel better soon.


    • onesweetiepea 17 November 2013 at 14:59

      Thank you for the tip, avianstudent. I had not thought about syringe-training before. In fact, it’s also a good idea to handle birds regularly so it’s not such a shock to the system (theirs & ours!) when they have to be grabbed for medicating/examination.


  2. featheredfiends 30 October 2013 at 07:49

    Hope Thomas and Phineas recover soon 🙂


  3. rosebudgie 30 October 2013 at 08:39

    A horrendously stressful sounding day – but with some extremely exciting outcomes (i.e. 4 in the manor, and the P-T preening!).


  4. Samwise 30 October 2013 at 10:43

    What a day! Lets hope things will improve post haste x


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