Threadbare chewy toy

Cagney & Bezukhov’s favourite chewy toy is now a bit threadbare.  It has faithfully been a place to sleep & snooze behind for some time.  The toyboys take turns to sleep behind it of a night, although the rota, to my eye, is somewhat random.

Sadly, the chewy toy is now not so good for hiding behind.  Not that this stops them.  I think they think it has magical qualities & the position behind it is a safe one, regardless of the state of the toy itself.

Compare the above photos to this photo on a previous post from around 6 months ago.

String of beads

Phineas has a very short attention span.  However, the other day I saw him spend quite a long time (minutes!) playing with the string of beads on the swinging perch.

The string of beads is appreciated by both Cagney & Bezukhov, so it looks like it has another fan in Phineas.

His dedication reminded me of the way Atilla used to wrestle with her mirror, although that used to go on for hours rather than minutes.

Return to the travel cage

Following on from my previous post on Thomas & his health problems, there was initially no change.  However, by the time I spoke to Mr Exotic Vet again, on the 20th, Thomas’s breathing started to look laboured, particularly when he tried to be more active.  It seemed that Mr EV felt another medication was necessary but had trouble sourcing it.  He was going to a conference & promised he would find out about this & let me know the situation on the 22nd.

Return from vet after syringing
Return from vet after syringing

Over that weekend, Thomas’s breathing got more heavy, even when he was not doing anything.  A visit to Mr EV was booked for Monday 25th.

So yesterday, Thomas was back again in the travel cage.  I bundled him up, with a heat pack in the bottom, & whisked him off to Mr EV.  He was once again examined & Mr EV confirmed he was wheezing.  He agreed with me that it appeared Thomas had lost a little weight (he felt lighter to me when I grabbed him to put him in the travel cage).  He confirmed again that there was no lump in the vent area, although it was still swollen.

The good news (hopefully) is that Mr EV had managed to get hold of the medication: Ornicure Doxycycline.  It is powder to be dissolved in drinking water.  The sachets have a picture of a pigeon on the front; it is typically for racing pigeons & cage birds.

Bezukhov flying near
Bezukhov sitting near

So, Thomas was bundled up again & rushed home to warmth & familiarity.  He was still covered over as I carried him back into the lounge & he started chirping as he heard the others & they responded to him.   No doubt they were asking, “Where ya bin, mate?”  And no doubt Thomas responded that he had been to hell & back…

He was placed back on the coffee table, & unwrapped.  I needed to sort out his medication.  The sooner he starts drinking it the sooner we will know if it is going to help….

I went into the kitchen to start measuring 1/3 of the sachet & 250mls of water.  On my return, as I glanced at Thomas’s cage, I could not see him!  Had he escaped?  Continue reading “Return to the travel cage”

Remembering Raspy: Two years on

Two years have now passed since our Raspy left us.  I am taking the opportunity to remember her with this post.  However, the reality is that she is remembered every day.  It may be when I see/touch her velvet pillow, or simply looking at Bezukhov & remembering how she loved him & how he adored her. 

Various toys & perches also trigger memories.  She was most probably the biggest fan of the window perches.  She would spend ages looking out of the window, noticing everything, whether it was wild birds, squirrels, neighbours or simply the weather, in particular the rain.


Always in our thoughts.

A misting for a moult

All are moulting.  Bezukhov started off the latest round of moulting.  He has recovered from his & is looking handsome again but the others still have pin feathers, particularly on their heads.

A misting is sometimes welcome.  The last misting they had was with celery leaves.  Firstly, I let Cagney & Bezukhov have a go before letting Phineas & Thomas out.  Both Cagney & Bezukhov were keen to get wet.  Cagney did his usual belly rub on the leaves & Bezukhov did his little dance.  It was all over pretty quickly, but at least they showed willing & it certainly did set off a major preening session.

So as not to leave them out, I also gave Phineas & Thomas the chance of a misting when they were let out.  Though Thomas was not adverse to getting wet, he was more interested in eating the celery than refreshing his feathers.

Phineas got quite excited & pranced about in the leaves.  Unlike the others, he gets distracted very easily so he was back & forth to the celery leaves for quite some time.  Guess who was the mug hanging around with the spray bottle, waiting for him to have enough?

Despite his rather “flighty” method of being misted, Phineas still seems to get wetter than the rest.

The big yellow crane

It has been some time since I posted on the building work out the back.  Since then, buildings have gone up in the left & centre of my view.  Trees were also cut down.  In the last couple of weeks, building work has recommenced on the right side of my lounge window.  This building looks to be higher than the others that have gone up.  So far the few trees in front remain but there is no guarantee they will stay.

There has been a very busy yellow crane moving things around.  Bezukhov & Thomas have been monitoring progress.  Cagney & Phineas have been letting Bezukhov & Thomas monitor progress whilst they do their own thing.

(Click on photos to enlarge)

Thomas still unwell

Recent medication for Thomas
Recent medication for Thomas

Further to my previous post on Thomas being unwell, I report that there is little change.  😦

Though there have been few blog posts recently, there has been ongoing background activity regarding Thomas’s health.  During the last vet visit, Mr Exotic Vet suggested another antibiotic.  This was prescribed the following day on the 30th October – Baycox.  Fortunately, to be administered in water.   After some days on this, there was no change.  Mr EV asked for a fresh poop sample which I supplied on the 5th November.  This was taken to the lab to be analysed.  The results came back on Friday 8th.  Thomas has Pasteurella bacteria.

Thomas looking through teething ring
Thomas looking through teething ring

Mr EV told me not to be alarmed if I googled this.  Naturally I did & it appears to be linked to the bacteria found in cat’s saliva which is known to be toxic to budgies.  Mr EV said that the bacteria is naturally present in their gut but in Thomas’s case the levels are higher than they should be.

In the meantime, he prescribed more Baytril but needed to get hold of another medication.  This was Critical Care Formula.  Thomas (& Phineas) have now been on this since the 12th November.  As there was no change after a few days I contacted Mr EV & he said to wait until the 19th.  This is what we are doing.  So far, no change in his poops, though I do believe Thomas is a little more active & vocal than he has been.

Thomas with his head through the teething ring
Thomas with his head through the teething ring

Cagney, Bezukhov & Phineas are fine, though a bit under the weather as they have been moulting.

Thomas is still eating & still enjoying his vegetables.  When out, he mostly sits on top of the Manor.  He half-heartedly monitors Cagney.

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Return of the pudding swing

Since Atilla’s passing, her & Raspy’s favourite swing has been resting.

Phineas & Thomas had two swings in their cage, one by the side & one more in the middle.  The one by the side was the preferred one for bedtime but the other was largely ignored.  I decided to replace the ignored one with the ttmss swing.

Moments after I put it in, Thomas got on but his stay was brief.  I think he was a bit confused by it.  Fast forward a few weeks & Phineas decided to try it out.  He also seemed unsure but gave it a few more chances.  Now it is his favoured bedtime swing.  I have seen him get on the other swing by the side but then get off & move to the ttmss swing & spend the night there.

One night there was a slight change in plan & Phineas did indeed sleep on the swing by the side & Thomas slept on the ttmss swing but it seems that was a one-off.

The swings are for bedtime.  That is not some rule I imposed on them – they decided that themselves.  Phineas will occasionally throw himself on a swing during the day but rarely stays for more than a minute.

Clearly there is something quite magical about the ttmss swing though as the other day Phineas was sat on it & then Thomas joined him!  They were both sat on it!  Looking quite comfortable I might add.  The photos below bear witness to that.