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Daily Archives: 3 November 2013

Return of the pudding swing

Since Atilla’s passing, her & Raspy’s favourite swing has been resting.

Phineas & Thomas had two swings in their cage, one by the side & one more in the middle.  The one by the side was the preferred one for bedtime but the other was largely ignored.  I decided to replace the ignored one with the ttmss swing.

Moments after I put it in, Thomas got on but his stay was brief.  I think he was a bit confused by it.  Fast forward a few weeks & Phineas decided to try it out.  He also seemed unsure but gave it a few more chances.  Now it is his favoured bedtime swing.  I have seen him get on the other swing by the side but then get off & move to the ttmss swing & spend the night there.

One night there was a slight change in plan & Phineas did indeed sleep on the swing by the side & Thomas slept on the ttmss swing but it seems that was a one-off.

The swings are for bedtime.  That is not some rule I imposed on them – they decided that themselves.  Phineas will occasionally throw himself on a swing during the day but rarely stays for more than a minute.

Clearly there is something quite magical about the ttmss swing though as the other day Phineas was sat on it & then Thomas joined him!  They were both sat on it!  Looking quite comfortable I might add.  The photos below bear witness to that.