A misting for a moult

All are moulting.  Bezukhov started off the latest round of moulting.  He has recovered from his & is looking handsome again but the others still have pin feathers, particularly on their heads.

A misting is sometimes welcome.  The last misting they had was with celery leaves.  Firstly, I let Cagney & Bezukhov have a go before letting Phineas & Thomas out.  Both Cagney & Bezukhov were keen to get wet.  Cagney did his usual belly rub on the leaves & Bezukhov did his little dance.  It was all over pretty quickly, but at least they showed willing & it certainly did set off a major preening session.

So as not to leave them out, I also gave Phineas & Thomas the chance of a misting when they were let out.  Though Thomas was not adverse to getting wet, he was more interested in eating the celery than refreshing his feathers.

Phineas got quite excited & pranced about in the leaves.  Unlike the others, he gets distracted very easily so he was back & forth to the celery leaves for quite some time.  Guess who was the mug hanging around with the spray bottle, waiting for him to have enough?

Despite his rather “flighty” method of being misted, Phineas still seems to get wetter than the rest.

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