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Return to the travel cage

Following on from my previous post on Thomas & his health problems, there was initially no change.  However, by the time I spoke to Mr EV again, on the 20th, Thomas’s breathing started to look laboured, particularly when he tried to be more active.  It seemed that Mr EV felt another medication was necessary but had trouble sourcing it.  He was going to a conference & promised he would find out about this & let me know the situation on the 22nd.

Return from vet after syringing

Return from vet after syringing

Bezukhov flying near

Bezukhov sitting near

Over that weekend, Thomas’s breathing got more heavy, even when he was not doing anything.  A visit to Mr EV was booked for Monday 25th.

So yesterday, Thomas was back again in the travel cage.  I bundled him up, with a heat pack in the bottom, & whisked him off to Mr EV.  He was once again examined & Mr EV confirmed he was wheezing.  He agreed with me that it appeared Thomas had lost a little weight (he felt lighter to me when I grabbed him to put him in the travel cage).  He confirmed again that there was no lump in the vent area, although it was still swollen.

The good news (hopefully) is that Mr EV had managed to get hold of the medication: Ornicure Doxycycline.  It is powder to be dissolved in drinking water.  The sachets have a picture of a pigeon on the front; it is typically for racing pigeons & cage birds.

So, Thomas was bundled up again & rushed home to warmth & familiarity.  He was still covered over as I carried him back into the lounge & he started chirping as he heard the others & they responded to him.   No doubt they were asking, “Where ya bin, mate?”  And no doubt Thomas responded that he had been to hell & back…

He was placed back on the coffee table, & unwrapped.  I needed to sort out his medication.  The sooner he starts drinking it the sooner we will know if it is going to help….

I went into the kitchen to start measuring 1/3 of the sachet & 250mls of water.  On my return, as I glanced at Thomas’s cage, I could not see him!  Had he escaped?  When I peered closer, I saw that he was sitting on the bottom.  Oh dear.  Alarm bells rang out very loudly.  If he was this weak he would not drink the medicated water by himself.  I decided there & then to syringe-feed a drop into his beak.  I caught him easily.  He seemed so lethargic.  I managed to get a drop of water inside him & put him back on the perch.

Then I watched him.  For a few hours he just sat there, not moving.  Eventually, he ate some millet.  Relief!  He even slurped a little water.  I had planned to syringe-feed him another drop before bedtime if he had not had any more, so that little slurp meant he (& I) escaped from that ordeal.

So, that night, he appeared to return to how he was pre-vet visit.  I am not sure what caused that alarming downhill spike.  Perhaps it was stress of the vet visit?  Either way, we had got through it & now had the original health problems to deal with.

He coped overnight & this morning helped himself to millet & seed & even another slurp of water.  Admittedly he was not consuming a huge quantity of food but it was something.  I left put some broccoli in for him & he even had a little bite of that.  He also started preening again & was generally alert.

He is still in the travel cage.  I think it is best for him for now, even though he has moments when he clearly wants out.

The others are aware of him but let him be.  However, Phineas did make a special trip over, via the window perch & landed on the top of the travel cage.  I suspect he was eyeing Thomas’s millet more than anything else, but I think Thomas appreciated the attention anyway.

3 responses to “Return to the travel cage

  1. rosebudgie 27 November 2013 at 08:53

    Poor Thomas – he certainly has been to hell and back! Cross claws and everything else the pigeon drugs will get him back to his normal happy self SOON.


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