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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Open-minded about mint

everystockphoto_mint_242060_lI had some fresh mint.  I wondered if anyone would eat it.

Mint has a rather chequered history here.  Atilla & Raspy thought mint was the devil & they took to the hills as soon as they got a whiff of it.  The toyboys were not impressed with it either, but were not so dramatic about it.

Perhaps they would think differently about it now?

I got a small, inoffensive leaf & decided to offer it to each boy in turn.  As previously posted in 2011 (click here), Cagney was not impressed.  He is still not impressed & though he approached the mint leaf, the smell was enough to tell him a nibble was out of the question.  Bezukhov, as in 2011, could get past the smell & have a nibble but clearly the taste was not to his liking, then & now, & he quickly turned his back on it.

everystockphoto_mint_242060_lHowever, Phineas was excited to see some green stuff coming his way & reached out to bite it.  In fact, the dear boy liked it enough to chomp through a substantial part of the leaf.   Mint is popular!  Mint has a friend!  Mint is good!

What about Thomas?  What did he think?  Well he had a couple of bites but looked a little unsure.  I suspect that for the time being, he may be keeping an open mind about mint.

Left or right-handed?

Did you know budgies can be left or right handed/clawed?  Well, I did not know that until I found that Phineas is right-clawed.  He can only do a ‘hand jive‘ on my right hand.  If I present my left hand he gets confused.  He may attempt a jiggy-jiggy but he struggles to get into a comfortable position.

Having said that, today, Phinny did have a left-handed hand jive!  My right hand was occupied with both Cagney & Bezukhov.  They were sitting quite comfortably & I did not want to disturb them.  I offered Phineas my left hand & he was so desperate for a jiggy-jiggy (his first of the day) that he persevered.

I was very proud of his ability to adapt, faced with difficult circumstances.  Well done my ol’ man!


Travel cage carrier bag

With the recent flurry of vet visits for Thomas, I have come to appreciate the fabric carrier bag I made for the travel cage.

Hospital/Travel Cage

Hospital/Travel Cage

One of my worries is that the clips holding the cage to the base, either do not work, or are not clipped properly.  This would result in the base just falling off & the consequence, particularly if outside, potentially catastrophic.  When using the travel cage (demonstrated by Raspy on this post), I have always held it by the base & never by the top handle alone.

Getting the cage to the vet usually means holding it up by my chest (as I am supporting the cage base) but having to put it down on the floor at times to lock/unlock the front door & the car door etc.  As it has felt awkward lifting the cage from the floor by the base, I decided a new method was needed.

Enter cheap charity shop t-shirt.

From looking around the internet for ideas, I found the solution.  Any existing bag I had was just not wide enough at the bottom for the travel cage, even though the cage is really rather small.  So, for a few pence, I bought an extra-large, stretchy man’s t-shirt from a charity shop & set about turning it into a cage carrier bag.

All you need to do is simply: Read more of this post

Pretty as a peach

As mentioned in my previous post on Thomas’s ongoing health issues, Mr Exotic Vet suggested feeding him “orange fruits”.  Despite the extensive array of foods that Thomas tried in the Vegducating Thomas series, there was only one fruit included, apple.  And that is not orange.  In fact, the Toyboys & Phineas have never been offered an orange-coloured fruit either.  The situation had to be remedied.

Enter a peach!

Thumbs up, or rather wings up, from all boys!

From the above photos I think you will agree that all the boys are “pretty as a peach”. 🙂


Thomas is a brave boy

Bezukhov & Cagney visiting Thomas

Bezukhov & Cagney visiting Thomas

Phineas visiting Thomas

Phineas visiting Thomas

Following on from my previous post on Thomas & his health problems, there was little change, in fact, no change, from taking the six days worth of medication: Ornicure Doxycycline.  He spent several days in the travel cage so I could monitor him & also make sure he was not overly stressed.  On Friday 29th November (day 4 of medication), he vacated the travel cage & after a brief walkabout on top of the Manor, returned to live with Phineas, well, he returned for seed I think…. it was a coincidence that Phineas also lives in that cage….

Mr Exotic Vet did not prescribe more of the same medicine but said to remove it whilst he investigated other options.  On Wednesday 4th December, I had another consultation with Mr EV & he thought it was time for Thomas to have an X-ray.   He was booked in for the Friday morning.

On the Thursday evening, I got Thomas back into the travel cage so we could go out early the next morning.  The X-ray was scheduled early, before the morning consultations.  Friday morning, Thomas was a very brave boy.  Mr EV said he would be anaesthetised for the shortest possible time, just to allow him to be still enough for the X-ray to be done.  Sure enough, it was not long before Thomas was back up on the perch & looking very much the same as before he went in for the procedure.  I took him home & waited for the results. Read more of this post

He’s behind you!

It is coming up to pantomime season….

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