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Thomas is a brave boy

Bezukhov & Cagney visiting Thomas

Bezukhov & Cagney visiting Thomas

Phineas visiting Thomas

Phineas visiting Thomas

Following on from my previous post on Thomas & his health problems, there was little change, in fact, no change, from taking the six days worth of medication: Ornicure Doxycycline.  He spent several days in the travel cage so I could monitor him & also make sure he was not overly stressed.  On Friday 29th November (day 4 of medication), he vacated the travel cage & after a brief walkabout on top of the Manor, returned to live with Phineas, well, he returned for seed I think…. it was a coincidence that Phineas also lives in that cage….

Mr Exotic Vet did not prescribe more of the same medicine but said to remove it whilst he investigated other options.  On Wednesday 4th December, I had another consultation with Mr EV & he thought it was time for Thomas to have an X-ray.   He was booked in for the Friday morning.

On the Thursday evening, I got Thomas back into the travel cage so we could go out early the next morning.  The X-ray was scheduled early, before the morning consultations.  Friday morning, Thomas was a very brave boy.  Mr EV said he would be anaesthetised for the shortest possible time, just to allow him to be still enough for the X-ray to be done.  Sure enough, it was not long before Thomas was back up on the perch & looking very much the same as before he went in for the procedure.  I took him home & waited for the results.

The results came through later that day.  He has Hepatic Lipidosis.  Basically, a fatty liver.  The liver is enlarged, hence the swelling around the vent area (pushing downwards) & the breathing problems (pushing onto the air sacs).

Back home & surrounded by his mates

Back home & surrounded by his mates

That day, the 6th December, I started giving Thomas Milk Thistle in his water, 1 drop per 50ml.  A week later & the medication Mr EV was looking for, had not been located.  I had another consultation with Mr EV & this time he was able to show me the X-ray of Thomas.  He also showed me a slightly better picture in a reference book to explain the problem.  Whilst waiting for the medication (L-Carnitine), he suggested I give Thomas Milk Thistle which I was pleased to say he was already on.  He did say to double the dosage though, so he is now on 2 drops per 50ml.

The results of the X-ray suggested that the original infection, confirmed by bacteria found in his poop, would have been the secondary problem.

Mr EV also said to give him “orange fruit” which I thought was a bit odd but I will certainly look into it.

In the meantime, we continue to look after Thomas & make sure he is as comfortable as possible.

Note: If you wish to give Milk Thistle tincture to your own birds, you must get the one without alcohol.

8 responses to “Thomas is a brave boy

  1. avianstudent 17 December 2013 at 03:17

    Oh, poor Thomas! My heart goes out to you – I have my fingers crossed for him. He is a brave boy indeed.


  2. rosebudgie 17 December 2013 at 19:41

    And he is very fortunate to have three such excellent friends to egg him on to recovery.


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