Left or right-handed?

Did you know budgies can be left or right handed/clawed?  Well, I did not know that until I found that Phineas is right-clawed.  He can only do a ‘hand jive‘ on my right hand.  If I present my left hand he gets confused.  He may attempt a jiggy-jiggy but he struggles to get into a comfortable position.

Having said that, today, Phinny did have a left-handed hand jive!  My right hand was occupied with both Cagney & Bezukhov.  They were sitting quite comfortably & I did not want to disturb them.  I offered Phineas my left hand & he was so desperate for a jiggy-jiggy (his first of the day) that he persevered.

I was very proud of his ability to adapt, faced with difficult circumstances.  Well done my ol’ man!


9 thoughts on “Left or right-handed?

  1. Silly Phineas! He is the very spirit of adaptation. 😉

    Seeing your post reminds me, I’m planning a blog project featuring guest posters talking about their birds – would you be interested? I can email you more details, if you like!


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